The ongoing pandemic has forced all of us to get creative with how we work out. Even after these days are far behind us (and may that time come soon!), it will be hard to forget the comfort and convenience of home workouts. 

We’ve seen these fitness platforms explode in popularity over the last year whilst the gyms have sadly had to remain shut, but when the experience can offer you something new and exciting or, perhaps more importantly, help you stick to your exercise targets, it’s natural to expect that they are here to stay.

Fitness platforms and home workouts to watch out for


Influencer turned fitness entrepreneur Grace Beverley is spoiling us with her workout and meal planning app, Shreddy. For a small subscription cost, users have access to a catalogue of workout guides that help you ‘lose fat and tone up’. With real-time online classes and a global user club that brings both motivation and perspiration, this app is tough to beat.

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K has fast become the go-to app for beginner runners who want to get fit fast. In fact, it is so effective at building up cardiovascular endurance that it is being offered free to the public by the NHS. With a week-by-week podcast voiced by the nation’s favourite celebrities, you’ll be amazed to find yourself comfortably running 5K within just 9 weeks.

Zombies, Run!

Another app making running accessible and fun is Zombies, Run! In this gamified fitness app, you are a runner en-route to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts in a zombie pandemic (ironic timing, we know). You run in the real world, receiving your mission through your headphones and collecting supplies to build up your base. Just remember, if you’re chased by zombies, you’d better run faster!

Down Dog

Down Dog creates customisable workouts suitable for the comfort of your own home, no equipment needed. Choose from yoga, HIIT, meditation, and barre (a new ballet inspired workout) depending on what you fancy that day. You can even select the area of your body you wish to focus on this session, and shorten the workouts depending on time constraints.

The Body Coach

Everyone’s favourite lockdown PT Joe Wicks has dropped his very own fitness app, The Body Coach—and these pre-recorded and live workout sessions take no prisoners. When combined with the app’s sustainable, healthy eating plans, you’ll be meeting your fitness goals in no time. It’s just a fraction of the price of a gym membership, plus you get Joe Wicks in your pocket. Win win!

Nike Training Club

If you are looking for an all-encompassing fitness app, look no further than Nike Training Club. True to form, Nike have pulled out all the stops for this app—right now there are over 185 free home workouts, spanning anything from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. You don’t need tonnes of space or equipment either, with a range of bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere.

Peloton Digital

With their new training app, Peloton is no longer exclusive to those who can manage the hefty price tag. This means that many more people can now join up to get their daily dose of high-octane fitness. Beyond the cycling and running workouts that of course do require Peloton equipment, the app offers some really effective bootcamp, outdoor, floor, and yoga workouts. Better yet, the first 30 days are free!


Last but not least is Strava, the app most runners swear by! The app has gained such traction in recent years that it is now the UK’s most popular running and cycling tracker app. Choose a route in the area around you or make your own, and the app will track your journey on a handy map, as well as metrics like average speed and distance. All that’s left is to share the results with your friends in a Facebook-style community of fitness enthusiasts, and show off your latest badges!

The Bottom Line on Fitness Platforms and Home Workouts

Cost-effective, convenient, fun… what more could you want? No more worries about that gym membership you might not even end up using, these fitness platforms have proven their ability to get millions around the world in better shape. At Quell, we’ve been keeping an eye on what people love—and what they don’t—and tailoring our experience accordingly. We want to help you stay in tip-top shape, and make exercise something everyone can look forward to.


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