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It all started with a belief that exercise could be better.

That a fitness routine should be something to look forward to, not something that triggers dread and unhappiness.

That workouts are best when they’re varied, exciting, and above all, fun.


Co-Founder & CEO

Cam likes solving problems. Across a Masters in Engineering at the University of Oxford and five years advising companies, governments and NGOs with McKinsey & Company, he learned the structured and considered approach that makes him perfect to bring the magic of Quell together.

Turning these skills on himself, he identified a recurring problem: exercise. Despite loving sport in his youth, as life got busier he found himself defaulting to the same exercises most people do, and he hated it. This frustration was the genesis of Quell—no more boredom, repetition, travel, high cost, or time wasted!


Co-Founder & CTO

Martin is a lifelong engineer, formalising what began as a habit of building and destroying things in his parents’ garden with almost a decade spent studying materials, sensors and electronics at the University of Oxford.

At Quell, he brings those skills together with his passions for fitness and vibrant, narrative-driven video games while working on our unique wearable controller, the Gauntlet.


Co-Founder & COO

Lorenzo thinks technology should help people. On his path from Italy to the UK via Denmark, he’s worked on a range of technologies at the interface with health and fitness, like a novel ultrasound device and prosthetic arms with tactile feedback. That’s how we know that the Gauntlet is in safe hands.



Doug is a person who likes doing things. Having started his career in marketing at Red Bull over a decade ago, he has helped grow a range of start-ups in the sports and fit-tech sectors, as well as advising the UCL BaseKX accelerator programme.

His endless energy and love for the Fit-tech sector makes Doug the perfect person to spread the good word about Quell!


Technical Director

Mickey might secretly be a wizard. Three decades in the making, his skillset makes him the perfect fit as Director of Technology, spanning games development—hello, Age of Empires and Titanfall, among many others—as well as satellite telemetry, networking protocols, and hardware like… the Nintendo Wii!

Sitting at the interface between the Gauntlet and the game has Mickey drawing on all of that experience to provide a smooth, seamless experience.


Production Director

Peter likes to make teams work together. Breaking down problems, understanding interdependencies and removing blockers is his specialty, and a skill that was honed to a razor’s edge at studios Paradox Interactive and Improbable.

Joining the industry via a QA position, he soon found himself leading bigger and better teams. This combined with his experience in Karate and Jeet Kune Do makes him the perfect person to head up production at Quell.


Art Director

Rob is in charge of making Quell beautiful. Starting from the fundamentals with a degree in Fine Art, he soon moved into the world of video games and has since worked on several award-winning titles, as well as garnering his own awards and having his work featured in a host of publications.

Quell is the latest project he’s lent his unique style to, and allows him the rare opportunity to finally blend his three passions—art, gaming and fitness—in one place.


Design Director

Sandy knows what makes games tick. Inspired by an early experience as a play-tester, he began dissecting every game he played—and he played a lot—to understand what makes them challenging, rewarding and unique.

Turning those attentions to fitness games was a natural fit for Sandy, and he won’t be satisfied until every player is put through their paces.


Growth Marketing Manager

Alex believes in sharing the word about products that matter. Starting his own company at just 16, he’s helped brands scale, identify their audience, and make better experiences for them in businesses across the globe—New York, Helsinki, Singapore, and now London as Head of Growth at Quell.


Chief Of Staff

Maia does a bit of everything! With a background in Human Sciences (University College London) and Space Physiology and Health (King’s College London), she joined Quell as a graduate but soon began punching way above her weight, leaning in on the biomechanics and fitness efficacy of the Gauntlet, providing QA on the latest build of the game, and hanging out with the community across all our channels.


Senior Game Engineer

Diego makes games work. Quickly realising that web development was not his true calling, he moved into games development. Focusing on virtual and augmented reality experiences initially before joining us as a senior engineer at Quell, his experience and methodical approach help keep everything running smoothly.


Senior Game Engineer

Daniel believes that games are destined for greater things than mere amusement. His work in serious games—titles focused on providing the user value beyond entertainment—is what drew him to join the team making the first truly immersive fitness game.


Technical Artist


Machine Learning Engineer

Albert is the man behind the machine learning models that make the Gauntlet tick. Beginning his career as a mechanical engineer, he soon found his interests turning to deep learning and its applications in novel technologies. Quell combines his past experiences, allowing him to work on cutting-edge machine learning problems without forgetting his engineering background.


Character Artist


QA Lead

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