Before launching a new product or service, it is essential for any business to test their concepts, ideas or products on different types of users. This is critical for securing a successful adoption rate post-launch. 

Discord is an incredibly powerful tool for finding people willing to test the product and give feedback in the early stages. Beyond this, there are numerous advantages to having a strong alpha community that backs you all the way your journey. We can personally attest that our Discord community have provided countless valuable insights, and we love staying in touch with people around the world on there.



The value of a user community


Ideas, inputs, and inspiration


Prior to user testing you’ll obviously need to build the product! At this stage, the value of potential customer insights cannot be overstated. Discord provides a great platform for ideas, inputs, and inspiration from users, which can be maximised by driving discussion using focused channels on specific topics. 

Use channels to centre discussions on different areas of your business, making things easy to refer back to. Businesses can use this to make informed decisions about their product, helping them to grow sales and satisfy customers by building something that people really love. As a gaming exercise company, some of the channels we have on our Quell Discord channel, include:

  • #welcome
  • #game
  • #new-ideas
  • #general
  • #music
  • #software
  • #the-gauntlet


Alpha testing


Alpha tests are a critical part of the product development lifecycle. They provide an opportunity to get your product in front of real users who can help you identify and prioritize issues. 

Finding alpha testers can be difficult, but if you begin growing your online community early there is a good chance you will find tons  of enthusiastic volunteers! We’ve already run some incredibly successful user testing at Quell thanks to our supportive community that want to help us build the future of fitness gaming.




Using Discord to build an Alpha community helps users connect to you as well as to one another. With a product like ours we find that our community has a lot in common—whether that be gaming, fitness, or fitness gaming! For more insight into the intersection between these traditionally separate worlds, check out our previous post titled “What is fitness gaming?”. This builds relationships and drives discussion, all whilst creating hype about your creation! It isn’t always easy creating something new, but the support of our community continues to motivate us, and frankly makes it all worthwhile!


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