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A strong company culture cultivates employee engagement, retention, and happiness. It also sets the foundations for tangible growth, plotting the blueprints for a thriving and successful business. Maintaining this in times of crisis can make or break a company, and there is currently no more potent crisis for businesses than the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What is company culture?

Company culture is a flexible term that entails more than an office fruit bowl or table-tennis table. At its best, it  gives all employees a voice, while promoting healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours, and work ethics. 

Why is company culture important?

A strong company culture helps all employees align around a common goal. This stimulates a mechanism of positive feedback. Having happy employees will have good repercussions on business performance, and vice versa.

Company leaders are also prompted to ask the right questions, and subsequently give honest answers that will drive change. In turn, this helps to resolve issues and conflicts in a structured way. Companies can therefore exceed expectations and tackle limitations.


How can you maintain this whilst working remotely?

Quizzes and remote activities

The world is now extremely au fait with online video calls. Houseparty and Zoom, once just popular in startup circles, have become global darlings. These provide the perfect platform for quizzes, which have proven to be a big hit in lockdown. 

Think about incorporating costume competitions or a league table to mix things up—it might seems silly, but this can be the ideal tonic to cut through the repetitive structure of remote working and bring everyone together.

Water-cooler channels

Working in a physical workplace is undeniably more social than working remotely. Zoom can only go so far, and outside of planned meetings many people are missing out on the company of their colleagues. Although it is far from perfect, this can be recreated online, and is a great way to keep people connected. 

Consider creating a ‘water-cooler’ channel on Teams, WhatsApp, Slack. This gives your team a chance to discuss topics unrelated to work, from memes to general office chit-chat. Separating the social chat also stops people missing out on urgent work updates in the main task stream.


Well-being packages

A great way to keep your employees feeling connected to the company is to send them a small well-being package. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and even small gestures go a long way in a time when people are physically disconnected. Showing kindness in a crisis will be remembered for a long time, and can do a great deal for happiness and wellbeing. The more personal the better—it really is the thought that counts!



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