Covid-19 has truly redefined the way we think about fitness. Though it started as an impediment to our regular exercise routines, it has now opened up a space for creativity and personalisation (*cough* exercise gaming). When we talk to people about working out at home, the same questions come up again and again: can we achieve the same results at home? How can we safely stay healthy? And can we make it fun? Well, we have some good news—innovative fitness isn’t going anywhere; in fact, we think it’s only getting more exciting!


Alternatives to the gyms

With the gyms firmly shut,we have all been forced to reconsider how we structure our workouts. Not only are our options now limited to home or outdoor exercise, but in the UK we are also restricted to individual workouts as opposed to the team sports many of us love so much. This can be an impediment to fitness, but it also presents some interesting opportunities.
When we pay a gym subscription there’s a huge obligation to go for fear of wasting money. While they’re not an option, we have space to experiment with a number of alternative forms of exercise. Perhaps you will start training for a triathlon or discover a new form of yogapotentially finding something that works even better for you than the gym ever did!



Space for innovation


Now that the fitness landscape looks completely different there is a wealth of space for innovation and creativity, especially when it comes to home workouts. A number of companies (ourselves included!) have stepped up to the challenge.
Take Viro Move for example a standalone VR fitness game with four different training modes. Whether you opt for a boxing, shooting, sword training, or weapons master workout, this experience helps you to achieve exceptional training results. Didn’t we tell you that exercise gaming was the answer?
Equally as exciting is the prospect of AI and holographic technology. With increasing demand for better at-home fitness options, this kind of tech is fast approaching the market. Jean-Michel Fournier is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Harvard Business School graduate working in digital fitness innovation. He sees this technology transforming fitness in the long-term, explaining that :
“A recent demonstration from Microsoft of its HoloLens 2 showed how the device can now spawn high-definition holograms of people that can translate speech instantly into any language, anywhere in the world. This unlocks the possibility that soon, our favorite instructors could become quite literally on-demand, able to appear wherever we wear our augmented reality headsets, in whatever language we require.”

exercise gaming


The Bottom Line


Exercise will never be the same again, even long after the coronavirus pandemic has ended. This is really just the beginning for innovative, exciting fitness products and we are so proud to be a part of the journey!

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