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Shadow boxing is one of the best ways to warm up your entire body before a boxing workout. With regular practice you’ll see big improvements in your form, movement, technique, mindfulness, and even muscle memory. We’ve put together a list of our favourite shadow boxing workout videos to get you fighting fit without the hassle!


Martial Spirit | BEGINNER MUAY THAI SHADOW BOXING | Knees & Horizontal Elbows


Martial Spirit | BEGINNER MUAY THAI SHADOW BOXING | Roundhouse Kicks


These two videos by Spring, a martial arts guru, are perfect for beginners and suitable for all ages. If you’re seeking boxing workouts at home, this is a great place to start—they’re fun, engaging, and will really get your heart pumping.


Brawl Bros. | Shadow Boxing Drills to Help You Improve Your Boxing


If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of boxing workouts, this video is for you. The host takes you through all the core moves, before helping viewers bring it together in a seamless combination.


Martial Lee | Full Kickboxing Workout – 11 Rounds – Heavy Bag, Shadow Boxing, Combinations, and Warm-up


For those that prefer to learn while doing, take a look at this 11-round kickboxing session by Martial Lee. He puts his viewers through their paces as he demonstrates his top tips for good technique with all content covered by a voiceover that helps users listen and learn during practice.


Boxing Science | Shadow Boxing Drills – Five Combinations To Master During Lockdown


This video by Boxing Science focuses specifically on those wanting to do boxing workouts at home. Over the last year of lockdown increasing numbers of people have been looking for effective ways to get fit outside of the gym. This video helpfully puts together five techniques that beginners can focus on—no confrontation needed!


The Bottom Line


Shadow boxing workouts can be just as effective as a HIIT workout when it comes to boosting your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. At Quell, we take this to the next level with an immersive video game that takes you through an interactive boxing workout—with added resistance to up the intensity even more! This takes fitness gaming to the next level.


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