Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t work out very often. Will Quell be too difficult for me?

Worry not. Quell’s difficulty can be tailored to each user via adjustments to both the game and the Gauntlet. Like most games, you can set the difficulty level of Quell and adjust this as you progress. The Gauntlet is fully adjustable comes with a range of resistance bands that let you tune the force and resistance profile to your personal requirements. This means you can start at the level that’s right for you and take it from there!

Is Quell safe?

Yes! We’ve designed the Gauntlet to be totally safe for all our users. Quell provides regular guidance and feedback on your form via our high-accuracy motion tracking. Additionally, unlike traditional shadowboxing, the Gauntlet prevents hyperextension when throwing straight strikes and thereby prevents this type of injury as well.

I don’t have any boxing experience. Can I still play Quell?

Quell can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of prior boxing experience! We’ll be including lots of tutorials on proper technique, and our motion tracking enables us to provide players guidance on their form. This has been carefully designed to teach our players the foundations of proper boxing technique and prevent any injuries.

Do I need anything else to get started with Quell?

No—you only need the Gauntlet and your laptop, phone or tablet to play, so you’ll always be ready for a session.

What platforms is Quell launching on?

We’re launching on PC, and looking into Mac and mobile devices. We’re also actively pursuing other platforms like VR and consoles that we want to support after our initial launch.

Do I need to set up a camera or other device to play?

Nope! All motion tracking is achieved using sensors in the Gauntlet, so all you have to do is slip it on, connect to the game and get started. It’s that simple.

What if I just want to have a quick workout without playing through the story?

Good news! Quell has several modes beyond the main story, including customisable training sessions that let you jump straight into the action whenever the feeling strikes you.

What about sweat/is the Gauntlet washable?

The Gauntlet can (and should!) be washed, either by hand or in the washing machine—using a gentle cycle will ensure that it stays fresh and in good condition for your next session.

How much space do I need to play Quell?

If you have room to throw a punch, you can play Quell. We designed Quell to have the minimum possible space requirements so that people could enjoy a fun, exciting workout whatever their setup.

Will the Gauntlet be available in different sizes?

Yes! Better yet, the Gauntlet is designed to be highly adjustable, meaning that our sizes work for a broad range of body types. This means that we can accommodate upper waist measurements from 23” to 50” (that’s 58 cm to 127 cm for the metric folk).

What is Quell+?

Quell+ offers our players the definitive Quell experience, providing access to all the new workouts, new quests and new enemies we release as we continue to support Quell. It also provides access to our online services, including online multiplayer and seasonal leaderboards with awesome rewards.

How much will Quell+ cost?

Although we haven’t settled on an exact price yet, we can say with certainty that it won’t cost more than your typical Netflix/Spotify subscription.

Can multiple users play with the same Gauntlet and account?

They certainly can! You can start multiple saves with the same account on Quell, and use the same Gauntlet as these are not tied to the account. Each user will require a Quell+ account to gain access to our ongoing content releases.

Can I purchase multiple copies of the Early Bird reward tier?

You can. When you purchase the reward, if you increase your pledge to include the additional Early Bird then we’ll send you two Full Quell Systems, each including 6 month’s access to Quell+.

Can I connect Quell to my TV or another external display?

You can connect by HDMI from your PC, laptop or (via an adapter) from your mobile device. Alternatively, you can use a Chromecast or Miracast-based device to cast/mirror your screen and connect wirelessly.

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