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Over the last year, home workouts have moved from a niche activity to an essential part of millions of people’s lives, yet there are still many who struggle to find something that suits them. Common complaints include finding them dull, monotonous, and ineffective.
This is not a given. Luckily, the exercise gaming and fit tech industries have exploded with novel ideas during the pandemic.
So, what are the best choices in 2021? How can technology make home exercise fun and impactful? What is even out there? Read on to find out more about our favourite pieces of fitness technology and how they can deliver a killer workout.

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The Latest Fit Tech

In recent years, fit tech has evolved so far that it is smarter than most pieces of gym equipment! So if you don’t fancy the idea of getting your sweat on in a confined public space once the gyms reopen, check out these products. You’ll soon cancel that gym membership when you realise how easy it is to get lean and make gains at home!


Fightcamp is like the Peloton of boxing (and if you haven’t heard of Peloton have you been living under a rock?). A fairly sizable upfront cost will get you a state-of-the-art freestanding punching bag, gloves, and quick wraps with built-in punch tracking technology, and an additional subscription fee provides access to hundreds of on-demand instructional classes. With Fightcamp you can transform your home into your very own boxing gym, and punch your way to a stronger, fitter you.

Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect is an interactive workout mirror that creates a virtual workout studio in your living room. Through online connectivity users can take part in on-demand and live classes such as boxing, Zumba, yoga, pilates, and more! At $1,640 USD plus a class subscription it might not be cheap, but it’s certainly easy to use and more effective for those of us that loathe group classes.


With prices starting from $2,995 Tonal is not exactly the most affordable option. For that price however, you will get the equivalent of a weight room’s worth of equipment as well as a personal trainer. A wall-mountable screen displays fun, varied workouts by knowledgeable trainers which are supported by resistance training equipment. This adapts to your ability using artificial intelligence to set the weights for you, adapting as you get stronger.



Gaming exercise

There are any number of fitness gaming products on the market, but not all have hit the sweet spot between exercise that gets you sweating and a game that makes you want to workout in the first place. Nonetheless, there are some quality products out there that we have had a blast playing!


Few games get across the appeal of VR technology as quickly and effectively as Beatsaber. These days, this is the first game that comes to mind when people think of exercise gaming. With pumping electronic beats in your ears you’ll soon be motivated to get moving, slicing and dicing a stream of colour-coded boxes with totally not a lightsaber in time to the beat.

Thrill of the Fight

This game strips back the ‘gamified’ aspects of video game workouts to create a raw, intense boxing experience. Without a stamina meter or opponent health bar for you to chip away at it is just you and your adversary in the ring, with only your fists to defend yourself. As game exercise goes Thrill of the Fight is one of the more intense options available to users—just make sure you stretch before starting!

Ring Fit Adventure

Ringfit adventure is a lightweight RPG that creates an immersive experience, providing worlds to explore, items to collect, and monsters to battle. The game is played via some proprietary hardwarea leg strap to track motion and a pilates ring or ‘Ring-Con’ held in both hands and manipulated in various ways. Jog on the spot, point the Ring-Con down and squeeze to jump, and destroy obstacles like boxes by pushing and pulling the ring. If you hate exercise and love gaming, this might be a good place to start.



What is Quell?

Quell is the future of fitness gaming. We do not compromise on exercise efficacy or immersive gameplay. You fight your way through a fantasy world using your fists as the controllersand get fit at the same time! Quell consists of two parts: the Quell game and the punching gauntlet, our unique resistance-adding wearable. 
Highly accurate motion tracking sensors connect via Bluetooth to immersive game content that removes the dull, monotonous side of exercise. The game will detect your progress and adapt to ensure that you are always challenged. We understand that a tailored workout is key to helping everyone reach their exercise goals! 
Furthermore, customisable resistance bands help users to build strength and endurance whilst preventing injury from hyperextension. Also, did we mention that you will actually feel your punches land as you battle our bosses thanks to haptic technology?


Where to buy Quell

If you are wondering where to buy Quell, please visit our IndieGoGo page where we are currently open for pre-orders! We will be shipping our product to our loyal backers at the end of 2021.


Pre-Order Quell Today

Quell is still available on Indiegogo. Don’t miss your chance to grab your copy before pre-orders close