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A surge of tech advancements this decade has yielded a number of innovative solutions to some of society’s biggest problems. 
One such problem for all too many people is exercise. While we might’ve loved exercise in the past in the form of team or adventure sports, over time, as life gets more complicated, many people find ourselves defaulting to the exercises most people default to: running, cycling, yoga, the gymand many of us find it boring and monotonous.
Luckily, there is a new solution on the horizon: fitness gaming. Sounds cool, right? We’ve put together some information on how to start your exercise gaming adventurenamely the games that are out there and the platforms they’re available on!


Platforms for Fitness Gaming



Workout games have taken the fitness industry by storm in recent years. Ever since Nintendo popularised the idea of exercise gaming with their revolutionary motion-tracking console, the Wii, the market has continued to grow at an incredible rate. Nintendo’s latest offering, the Switch, boasts the smash-hit game, Ring Fit Adventure.
There’s an ever-growing number of fitness games available on consoles to date, but the platform creates somewhat of a barrier to exercise. The key to maintaining your physical health is repetition and routine, but consoles and the games they support quickly become outdated or stale. Without dishing out another couple of hundred dollars, users will find themselves stuck with a repetitive game and outdated software.


Virtual Reality (VR)


VR is reshaping the future of home fitness, providing users with an immersive experience through 3D visuals, motion controls, and haptic feedback. This platform gives users 360 degrees of view, providing total immersion in the exercise, and a number of solid VR exercise games have come out in recent years, including Supernatural Fitness and FitXR.
However, for VR fitness to be truly effective the experience must be about more than just the headset. Many exercise games on VR platforms lack the depth and excitement of traditional games, which doesn’t make them much better than traditional forms of exercise. Getting the most out of the technology means transporting the player to an exciting world to create a fitness game that is both effective and fun.
Also the technology isn’t fully optimised for fitness purposes yet. Although it’s great for a traditional game, the headset can be heavy and tight—the last thing you want when you’re getting stuck into a sweaty workout!





Last but by no means least we have fitness gaming on PC. Not only does PC gaming provide the widest range of games out there, but it’s portable too. Whether you’re working out in a different room of your house to maximise space or visiting a friend, simply set up your laptop and begin your session. Also, when it comes to a workout you can connect up to a TV for the big screen experience!
Of all the fitness gaming platforms out there, PC is the most accessible—with a third to half of all international households having one in their home. No need to buy the latest hardware, simply update your game and begin your workout!


The Bottom Line


Although consoles and VR headsets provide an incredible gaming experience, they are not without their drawbacks. This is why we decided to launch Quell on PC. Exercise gaming shouldn’t be exclusive to those with consoles and VR headsets, and it should be optimised for the most effective, hygienic, and comfortable workout. We’re creating an experience that provides full-body exercise through immersive gaming, without compromising on any aspect of the overall experience!

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