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  • Quell system. Our state-of-the-art wearable console features wireless high-performance motion tracking, powerful haptics, biometric monitoring and customisable resistance
  • Full launch game. The first game where the hero gets stronger as you do. Hundreds of enemies, challenges and rewards. Unlimited replayability.

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Real fitness. Real gaming. Zero compromise.

Quell is the first game to offer you a high-intensity, full-body, resistance-based combat workout at home. Travel through an exciting fantasy world fighting enemies with your bare hands and get fit at the same time.

Maximum immersion

Lose yourself in the thrill of the fight with high-accuracy, ultrafast motion tracking. No headset or cameras.

Powerful haptics

Feel every punch like it’s real with powerful, 25G haptics in the chest and hands

Full-body exercise

Run, jump, punch, duck and dodge taking on tough challenges to earn exciting rewards.

Tailored to you

Each fight guides you through an effective workout tailored to your fitness goals.

The Quell system

The Quell system is a next-generation wearable console. We’ve designed it from the ground up to deliver an incredible fitness gaming experience.


Get straight to the action. The Quell system has been designed for lightning-fast set-up as well as easy adjustment, charging and machine washing. And it works with any PC.

Gym-quality exercise with real resistance

Burn more calories than a spin class or gym session with real resistance and live biometrics. Every challenge is a full-body workout designed just for you.

The future of fitness gaming

After each fight, you’ll be able to see how you’re improving through clear metrics like calories burned, punch speed, strength and accuracy. Quell will also analyse your form, teaching you the foundations of good boxing technique as you play.

Furthermore, the workouts you do elsewhere aren’t wasted — Quell rewards you for your efforts in your favourite fitness apps with character progression and unique items.

Quell is a real game.

Not a boxing simulator.

The first game for the Quell system, codenamed ‘Guardian’, has you fighting your way through a brand new fantasy world. Lose yourself in an amazing story, exhilarating combat and endless exploration. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Quell?

We’re aiming to launch batch one in Q4 of this year. After that, we’ll be releasing a new batch every quarter. There’s still some space left in batch one, so order now to guarantee you get it first!

What else do I need to play Quell?

All you need is a Windows PC or laptop, and a TV if you want to play on a larger screen. Everything else comes in the box! We’ve designed Quell to run smoothly even on low-end machines.

Do I need to know anything to use Quell?

No knowledge or experience necessary. Quell builds a session tailored to your fitness level and goals every time you play, so you can focus on the immersive gameplay. No planning, no reading, no stress.

How effective is Quell’s exercise?

Our user testers burned more calories playing Quell than running, cycling or going to the gym. Quell also gives you a full-body workout, including shoulders, arms, chest, core, back, and legs. You can adjust the resistance bands to focus more on building strength or endurance. Whatever your fitness goals, Quell will give you an incredible, immersive workout.

How tough is a Quell session?

Quell’s difficulty is fully customised to you, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just getting started on your journey. We use your biometrics to set gameplay challenges and recommend the perfect resistance. As you get stronger, the game gets harder, keeping the level just right for you.

Will the wearable fit me?

We’ve designed Quell to accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes, with carefully considered adjustment points to get you the perfect fit.

What is Quell+?

Quell+ is our optional premium subscription, which will help us deliver amazing updates including new enemies, worlds, workouts, exercise analysis, and game modes. As a thanks for being a pre-order customer, you’ll get at least three months completely free. If it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time and still play the full game. We’ll be releasing more details on Quell+ soon.

Can I wash the wearable?

The wearable is made with 100% machine washable, hygienic fabrics. Just throw it in the wash between sessions and come back to a fresh kit.

Is Quell safe for beginners?

We consulted physiotherapists and boxers to build safety into every aspect of the design. For example, the resistance bands are anchored below the wrist to avoid common boxing injuries.

As with any vigorous physical activity, we recommend contacting your healthcare provider to discuss any medical issues.

Quell is the perfect way to videogame away my aversion to exercise.

Kevin LinTwitch Co-founder

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