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Dear Quell Backers,

Welcome to our 7th monthly update! This month has seen us continuing to experiment with our new haptic functionality, testing new opponents with different fighting styles, getting the wearable closer to production quality, and most excitingly of all gearing up for our upcoming user test!

Though we’re keeping a tight lid on the biggest features, we hope you’re enjoying these little insights into our journey as we bring Quell to life! If you have a question or any thoughts on Quell you’d like to share, remember we can always be found for a chat (along with over 700 other Quell members) on our Discord.

So then, what’s new this month?

Quell Development

Testing Traversal

From the start, we knew that Quell had to provide a full-body workout with each session. One of the most common questions during our Kickstarter campaign was how we would deliver effective lower-body exercise alongside the high-intensity upper-body workout provided by the Gauntlet wearable. Early on, we mapped out a range of suitable movements that can provide strength and stamina training, and have been working through the best ways to bring them into the game.

This month we’ve been testing a new ‘traversal’ feature where players run, jump and dodge their way through the beautiful landscape of our game. It’s early stages so far, but it’s already feeling pretty great. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy in the game, let us know.

New Game Creative Announcements Dropping In May—Be The First to See It!

A taste of the beautiful landscape you’ll find in Quell.

Ahead of some real in-game shots, we’ve started releasing some of the concept art our team drew up earlier this year on our Instagram. We were already pretty confident that we were on the right track, but the response we received has been amazing! It’s so encouraging to see how excited our loyal fans are to step into the world we’re building.


‘Ash’ is just one of the enemies you’ll face in our game.

As promised, this was the start of a more regular release of game details, which will continue in May. This month we’ll be revealing game content on Discord every week, so be sure to connect if you haven’t already!

Join the Quell Discord


Confirming Gauntlet CMF

Our wearable, The Gauntlet, has come on leaps and bounds since our Kickstarter prototypes, and we’re now at the stage where we have to decide on final colours, materials and finish (CMF) ahead of production.

A little teaser of the CMF options! More on this very soon…

This is something that the whole team has been providing input into—it’s amazing the passion people have for aesthetics! We can’t share anything just yet, but if you’re already excited by the wearable, you’re going to love what we’ve done with it…

Quell News

Shout-Outs to The New Team Members

Dan and Hugo—the latest team members helping us make Quell even better.

In one of our busiest months to date, we’ve welcomed Dan as our latest Game Programmer, along with Hugo and Ellie on our character rigging and concept art! Our office that seemed enormous back in November is getting pretty full, which is an amazing feeling in such a short period of time, and every new member is contributing to our culture. We’ve started hosting game nights and AMAs with the community, who love having the chance to quiz our new joiners on their backstories both inside the gaming world and beyond!


Community Challenge

We run monthly fitness challenges with our Discord community, rewarding those with the best efforts and performance. Already we’ve seen huge improvements in the fitness of our community—prizes are soon on the way!

A big shoutout to our Discord members that took part in the latest one —planks. We saw impressive results from Lachy, Peter, and Doug—who took the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively for their efforts. Further kudos to Chrysalis who joined Lachy and Peter in the top three spots for personal improvement!

This month join our Discord server to get involved in our wall sit challenge!

Doug & Maia during their first attempt at their wall sits—they’re harder than they look!

How You Can Help

The User Test is Coming

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the user test and help shape Quell’s development!

We’re now just over a month away from the latest round of user testing. We’re looking for enthusiastic, honest participants to give us their opinion on the full Quell system for the first time! We’re looking for subjects aged over 21 who are able to travel to London.

If you would like to participate, register your interest here.


Signing Off

Now that London is alive again the enthusiasm at Quell HQ is, for want of a better word, infectious. Our team continues to go from strength to strength, and we’re hitting some major milestones that we can’t wait to share with you in a few weeks’ time!

As always, thanks so much for your continued support. We wouldn’t be here without you. See you in May!

With love,

The Quell Team

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