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Dear Quell Backers,

Summer is well underway, and despite the delays to London’s grand reopening we continue to push on developing the next generation of fitness gaming. Here’s your new update! 

Game development is progressing in leaps and bounds. Over the last six months, our game team has tripled in size and our pace has accelerated massively. The team continues to add new features to the game and fine-tune the ones we’ve built.

This month, we’ve implemented special enemy attacks which guide the player into different modes of exercise, so whatever you’re looking for in your workout, we’ve got you covered.

This month has also seen the capabilities of our wearable go from strength to strength, with massive improvements to accuracy and speed. Some new faces have joined the team, and we’ve launched pre-order sales on our own website!

Read on for the headlines from this month.

Quell Development

Enemy Special Attacks

First and foremost, Quell is designed to get you fighting fit with a satisfying combat workout—but we’ve taken this a step further and implemented special attacks for some of our enemies. These encourage the user to dodge, duck, and jump in a fight as well.

Real fights are unpredictable and these attacks will change up the fighting style—making it even harder to predict what happens next. You’ll need to think on your feet and adapt in order to succeed.

See more clips on our Discord.

Wearable Progress

In Quell, your body is the controller. We accomplish this with cutting-edge wearable sensor technology, recognising player actions and sending them to the game in real-time.

We’ve had hundreds of users come in for data recording sessions over the last month as we strive for ever-better accuracy in this area, meaning all hands have been on deck at Quell HQ. Already we’ve seen a huge improvement in the speed and accuracy of our in-game responses to player actions—it’s not long now until you’ll get to see this for yourselves!

Quell News

New Team Members

Once again, we’ve welcomed some new faces to our wonderful team. Please join us in welcoming Brandon and Diego, taking on the roles of 3D Character Artist and QA Lead respectively. 

Brandon joins us from Unexpected Developments, and will be populating the world of Quell with even more incredible creatures, while Diego will help us to push the quality of the game to new heights, surfacing issues to our development team through playtesting—we expect him to be very fit by the end! They’ve both blown us away already, and we can’t wait to share their impact in the coming weeks.


FitTech Kudos

Earlier this month one of Quell’s founders, Doug Stidolph, sat down for an interview with Emily Smith—Business Development Director at Gympass and digital fitness expert. They talked about all things Quell: our highs, our lows, and our vision for the future. Check out Emily’s article to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at Quell.

Read the interview here.

Our New Site

Quell now has an online shop! We will continue to sell on IndieGoGo, but we appreciate that backers may want an alternative. We’ve therefore launched our own eCommerce site where you can pre-order Quell today—swipe one whilst you can because our first batch is nearly sold out!

Pre-order Quell on our website now.

How You Can Get Involved

Teaser Tuesdays: Last Chance To Have Your Say

After eight exciting weeks we’ve finally wrapped up our Discord Teaser Tuesdays and Quell’s game developers are implementing the feedback from our members as we speak. If you want to have your say in the game, now’s the time to join the community and share your thoughts.

Join our Discord here and head to the #latest-developments channel to see it for yourself.

Discord Community Challenges

We’ve been changing up our community challenges to help our members prepare for Quell. June’s challenge was focused on punching speed, with one of our members delivering a whopping 140 punches in just 30 seconds!

Join the Discord in July for a more creative challenge—this time, we want you to help us shape Quell’s story and the best idea wins a prize. Sound like your thing? Head to the #community-challenges channel on Discord. Instructions to follow in the next few days.

Signing Off

Next month is Quell’s official first birthday. We can hardly believe how fast everything has moved. Our team is almost complete, the wearable and game have come on in leaps and bounds, and Batch 1 is nearly sold out! As always, the team is incredibly grateful for your support. We wouldn’t be on this crazy journey without you. Check back in a month for the latest news—see you then!

With love,

The Quell Team

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