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Dear Quell Backers,


June is just around the corner, which means it’s time for another update! This month saw our game development take some big steps forwards, revisions to elements of the hardware as we continue to refine the wearable ahead of production, and the release of our new referral programme for all existing backers!

Our user test is edging closer, and with the Covid crisis easing off here in London, we’ve started preparing our next film campaignthe first time we’ve been able to shoot since last August! Spirits are high here at Quell HQ as we speed towards the summer.

As always, you can find us on Discord talking about Quell, exercise, gaming and everything in between. Don’t miss our new Teaser Tuesdaysmore below.

Here are the headlines from this month:

Quell Development

Pop & Block

May has seen the game development taking some very exciting steps forwards, with a new enemy and more polished animations. We know how critical the behaviour of your opponent is to the satisfaction of the punches you throw and the immersion into the fight, so this week we have been experimenting with a new block system that rewards good timing, without punishing more careful players.

Levelling Up

Our artists have spent a lot of time on level art, allowing the vision from our early concept art to really start coming through into the game. We’ve also taken the opportunity to test out some new variations on the look of the game world in preparation for the creation of new landscapes and environments.


Introducing Teaser Tuesdays

The game is only getting more engaging with each development sprint, so this month we have introduced ‘Teaser Tuesdays’ on Discord, revealing game clips and clues towards what the months ahead have in store for all of you lucky enough to have backed Quell so far…

See the Teaser Tuesday clips on Discord


Delivery of our Latest Circuit Board

We’ve taken delivery of the latest prototypes of Quell’s electronics, meaning our test units are performing closer and closer to production spec! This allows us to fine-tune our classification models more effectively, and has led to another round of data capture in the office, with all the team (along with family and friends) doing their duty and putting in 10 minutes of movements every day to ‘train’ ever-better models. What does that mean for you? Faster, more accurate in-game responses to your actionsso whether you’re Bruce Banner or Bruce Lee, we’ll recognise your movements perfectly.

Quell News

New Team Members

A big Quell welcome to Ellie and Alex, the latest additions to our growing team! Ellie joins us as our Technical Artist, having come from King Games and more recently working with Facebook. Alex is a veteran of the film and games industries, and joins Quell as our Lead Animator, bringing his experience working on productions for Netflix, Industrial Light & Magic (Lucasfilm) and Disney to the team. We can’t wait to see how the game evolves with their input!


A Chat with Yaz Garcia

Throughout Quell’s development we’ve been engaging with some of the best trainers and fitness experts in London to get their input into Quell’s workout experience. Earlier this month we sat down with fitness Instagrammer (and BXR boxing trainer) @YazMariaGarcia to talk about how to get the ball rolling on your fitness habits, ways you can mix up your exercise to keep it fun, and why she has become such an ardent supporter of boxing workouts for people of all fitness levels.

See the interview on our blog

How You Can Get Involved

Community Challenge

Following our successful wall sits challenge (that saw increases of over 500% in some of our Discord members!), we’re kicking off the latest community challenge next week.

Punching speed is one of our key fitness metrics in Quell. In the game, you’ll get direct feedback on your stats after a session, as well as how this has improved over time. So, we’re getting our community up to speed prior to launch (pardon the pun) and kicking off a punch speed challenge.

Keen to get involved? Head to the #community-challenges channel on our Discord server.


Signing Off

At the end of our 10th month since officially founding the company, we’re feeling incredibly proud of how far we’ve come—and how much we’ve grown! . With a little over 6 months to launch, the team is in full swing and we can’t wait to get Quell into your hands. Thanks for your support as ever, we’ll see you here again on Friday 25th June!

With love,

The Quell Team

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