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These days we’re bombarded with reasons why going to the gym is important—losing weight, keeping fit, toning up, and improving mental health to name but a few. If going to the gym is so beneficial for our health, then why do so many people hate the gym and find reasons to skip workouts?


The Top Reasons Why People Hate the Gym


A recent survey by Better Gym collated the top reasons why people hate the gym, and yes, not wanting to mess up hair and a phobia of lycra did indeed contribute a staggering 14% of responses. 
However, by far the most popular option, though, was a lack of available time. There are dozens of small barriers which have an outsized effect on people’s exercise decision-making-such as travel, changing, and weather, all of which build upon the time and effort necessary to take a trip to the gym.
Closely tied for second place include a lack of confidence and gym overcrowding. Let’s be honest, the gym can be a pretty intimidating place. This feeling is only exacerbated by a lack of understanding and the feeling that all eyes are on you when the place is full to the brim with seasoned regulars!
Another common reason is the lack of available childcare. Gyms can be dangerous places, with heavy weights and complex machinery at every turn. Not only does this make it an unsafe place to take children, but you’re unlikely to be thanked for bringing them in!
It’s hard enough for an individual to find childcare while working, let alone for an hour at the gym. Unfortunately, very few gyms cater for this need, presenting yet another barrier to many people’s workout.

boxing workouts at home


There Are Better Options Out There


With the advancement of technology and market understanding, the fitness industry is teeming with gym alternatives. Boutique fitness studios are gaining popularity and there’s been a huge influx of fitness apps that get you working out from home at a fraction of the price. 
Taking the concept of “no barriers” even further, enter fitness gaming. This innovative field eliminates people’s top reasons for avoiding the gym and presents them with a compelling alternative: games that get you fit as you adventure through a brand new world. All too often, however, these games lack the longevity and effectiveness of exercise to make them true competitors to the gym. That’s why we made Quell: bringing together a true gaming experience with real, effective fitness.


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