Interactive workout games create an optimal environment for physical progression. They constantly challenge the player to think on their feet in order to explore and respond to the world around them. Therefore, players are continually learning new skills and behaviours that help them to progress through an interactive game.

Fitness games go the extra mile, encouraging physical progression in a player as they advance through a game. At Quell, this is our goal – Serious fitness, serious gaming, zero compromise – So we have been paying close attention to the best workout games out there:


Just Dance

Just Dance is a dance-based workout released on the Nintendo Switch, that really gets your heart pumping after just a few songs. There’s a range of songs available, and a competitive aspect to the game that will get even the most solemn individuals on their feet and enjoying a workout.



FitXR have released this pure fitness cardio boxing workout onto the Oculus and PSVR, taking the VR fitness market by storm. They keep it simple, giving you a killer workout in which you punch pink and blue targets in line with a funky rhythm. The barriers to exercise are low here, simply throw on the headset and start sweating.


Ring Fit Adventure

Finally, we have the fan favourite – Ring Fit Adventure. This game is worthy of the hype, for it has transformed the way we think about fitness gaming. This is a role-playing game that has you running, jumping, and ducking your way through a fantasy world. Perfect for those who want to forget they are exercising.


Bottom Line…

Ultimately, we all want exercise to be fun! Interactive workout games take our mind off the physical strain and reward us with in-game advancements. This is exactly what we’re building with Quell, so stay tuned for updates, or check out our pre-order page on Indiegogo!



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