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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to adapt how we exercise. Without the gyms we are pretty much limited to two options, exercising at home or outside. 

This breeds a number of fashion related queries. Is there now more freedom in workout fashion? Is existing gym gear practical in a home environment? We want to address such questions, and encourage you to get creative.


Freedom in fashion

While the loss of the gyms breeds some uncertainty for fitness fanatics, one thing is certain. Home workouts remove the impact of vanity on our workout fashion choices. 

No longer must you fret about donning the latest Gymshark drop. Instead, there is some wriggle room to get imaginative (however questionable your tastes might be).


Prioritising comfort

When we think about home workouts we often overlook the stark differences between a gym and a home environment. Notably, most home workouts are not optimised for exercises. There is less ventilation, there are warmer temperatures, and there are constraints in the physical space.

A different exercise environment should technically create a different design specification for workout clothes. However, like the rest of us, the fitness fashion industry had little time to adapt to the rapid increase in home workouts. 

Now there’s some room for trial and error here. Each person is different, and this unusual environment means that one size does not fit all. 

Does the lack of ventilation mean you feel more comfortable in looser, lighter clothing than the skin tight workout sets we see at the gym? Does some simple loungewear do the job? There’s no clear answer here, so see what works best for you.

Working out at home was unusual in 2019. Not so much anymore.

Being tactical with your expenditure

With gym subscriptions being cancelled and frozen left, right, and centre, we are likely to find ourselves with a little disposable income. Whilst you may choose to save or spend this elsewhere, it might make sense to use this for optimising your home fitness experience. 

Unlike the gym subscription model, spending money on things for yourself or your home is a more sustainable investment. 

Do top-of-the range gym clothes give you the motivation to begin your workout? Or do you see get a more effective workout with physical equipment? Discover what works for you, and where your priorities lie before you buy!


Adapting to different workout modes

The very nature of exercise logistics has been skewed this year. There is no more travelling to and from the gym. Instead, we can begin our workouts almost instantly, and these take a variety of forms. 

For example, fitness YouTubers have blown up this year. They make things easy and straightforward for users by tailoring their content for a home workout routine.

Another example might be the explosion of home fitness equipment. Sales of exercise bikes, treadmills, and dumbells are through the roof right now.

On the other hand, at Quell we want to create an immersive fitness game that is so engaging you forget you are at home! In this sort of scenario, fashion might be the last thing on the mind of our users.


The Bottom Line

The rise of home workouts has no clear implications for gym fashion. Instead, it has created a space for creativity and personal preference. Ultimately, we have to see what works for us through the process of trial and error, whilst prioritising comfort, cost-effectiveness, and suitability.

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