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Now that we live in a digital age, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle. Recommendation algorithms are improving at a staggering rate, and it can take an iron will to resist the temptations of Netflix or YouTube in favour of a workout. 

The bottom line is that many of us find exercise boring and monotonous, not to mention painful! Luckily, there is a new solution on the horizon: fitness gaming. Otherwise known as exercise gaming, exergaming, or (if you must) gamercising.

Why fitness gaming?

Though exercise can be extremely unappealing, it is absolutely fundamental in maintaining good health. Not just physically but mentally. Gaming provides  an excellent solution to this problem. Think about the times when you most enjoyed exercise. 

Time and again, we’ve heard the same reasons. People love exercise when it involves social interaction, when you feel you are developing new skills, when you are accomplishing something beyond a slightly faster lap time, and most importantly when you hardly feel like you are doing it!

Immersive games can take us far away from the discomfort of exercise with exciting challenges, rewards, and environments. 

By providing a sense of accomplishment from the very first session, fitness games effectively leapfrog the thorny problem of delayed gratification. This is core to so many people’s difficulty starting to exercise by giving you an instant reward. There is no compromise with fitness gaming—you can have both!


What are my options for fitness gaming?

Unfortunately, exercise gaming too often fails to deliver on these promises, and there is still a long way to go before the games industry takes the fitness one by storm. That said, there are a few good products out there that are paving the way for the new age of fitness games. 


BOXVR is a pure cardio fitness game that has truly made its mark on the virtual reality industry. This is a rhythm-based boxing game that lets you seamlessly jump into a workout by putting on a VR headset. This game is not for the faint of heart—it had our hearts pounding within minutes!

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo has established itself as the home for fitness games over the last decade. In our opinion, Ring Fit Adventure is their best product yet. This is a full-blown RPG with an overarching story and fun, vibrant landscapes that left us eager to keep exploring. 

The game is played using pilates and other easy-to-follow motions, and is controlled using an innovative resistance ring that you actually team up with in-game to complete your mission!


Peloton is a gaming-meets-spin-class, “connected fitness” device that streams live and on-demand workouts. It is not a ‘game’ in the traditional sense, but it has certainly borrowed from gaming to hook users and keep them engaged.

Leaderboards, achievements, and scores push you to beat your personal bests, and these combined with well produced and curated content set Peloton apart from other fitness products. If spinning isn’t your thing, then Fightcamp are moving into the space with a similar concept based on boxing—tune into a class to be put through your paces.

This isn’t all the video game workouts that are out there—in fact, this list hardly scratches the surface. However, across all the products we tested, we identified several areas that have been thus-far neglected. Enter Quell.


What is Quell?

Quell is the future of fitness gaming. You fight your way through a fantasy world using your fists as the controllers, and get fit at the same time. Bringing together a novel wearable device that tracks your movements and provides physical resistance, a.k.a. the punching Gauntlet, and a real game. 

The Quell game consists of an exciting story, varied environments and enemies, and meaningful tracking of your accomplishments in both the short and long term, Quell is our answer to the question “can we have real gaming and real fitness?”. Centred around combat, our game goes way beyond a traditional boxing simulator with a wide range of exercises to keep you coming back for more. 

We refused to choose between making a proper game and making an effective workout.  Customisable resistance helps users to build strength and endurance. They also reduce the risk of injury from hyperextension, a serious issue that’s surprisingly common with shadowboxing and other forms of exercise involving quick arm movements.

Forget the pain of traditional exercise and lose yourself in a beautiful world brimming with adventure, totally immersed by our motion tracking and powerful haptic technology.


Where to buy Quell

If you are wondering where to buy Quell, please visit our IndieGoGo page where we are currently open for pre-orders! We will begin shipping the first copies to our incredible community of backers at the end of the year!


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