The business world is very crowded, and identifying your target audience is no easy task. Huge corporations monopolise single audience markets, but thousands of other businesses are still vying for a space on the stage. If you want to stand out and make an impact now, you need an innovative solution to a widespread problem (like fitness gaming).
There is an increasing need to fill the gaps between industries and find solutions that are hidden in plain sight. For example, at Quell we recognise that fitness is a huge challenge for many people and believe that gaming is the answer to this. We want to create an experience that both user groups love, but what is the best way to satisfy two disparate target audiences?

Understanding both audiences

The logical first step is to research the audiences. What do they love about their areas of interest? What needs are left unserved? Use the answers to tailor your product and boost your chances of success.


At Quell, we began our research by looking at the fitness market. There are plenty of people that like exercise, but few who love it. Exercise itself is tough enough. However, there are also dozens of small barriers that have an outsized effect on people’s exercise decision-making—travel, weather, hygiene, and unwelcome social experiences to name but a few.
There were strong commonalities between instances where people enjoyed exerciseskill development, social interaction, and unstructured fun or play to name but a few. It became clear that gaming, an experience that encompasses all such instances, was the answer to the problem of exercise.




So what makes gamers tick? Our start-up team are keen gamers, and our thoughts on what makes a good game mapped one-to-one with the gaming community. Stand-out features included flexibility, an interesting storyline, continuous challenge, a combination of fun and realism, and immediate, useful rewards. Aligning the key pillars of a good game to effective exercise is not quite as straightforward. So we needed to find a middle ground.



Finding a middle ground: Fitness Gaming


Use your understanding of your user categories to identify your thesis. For us, this was that great exercise and great gaming could be achieved through immersion. Enter fitness gaming!
Great exercise should be effective, and notably improve user health. This means that each workout should be tailored to the ability, goals, and constraints of a player. Equally important is the enjoyability of the exercise, for example by introducing a wide variety of movements and workout structures.
Great gaming should be immediately rewarding to supplement the deferred rewards of exercise. It should also give players a sense of habituation and progression. The latter applies to both exercise and gaming, instilling a sense of investment and success in the player.
Immersion is key to combining great exercise with great gaming. Fun exercise should never remind you that you are exercising, viz: fun first, calories second! Therefore each workout should be meaningfully linked to gameplay. Thus, Quell was born.



Introducing Quell


By this point, using gaming to bring out good exercise habits must seem like an obvious solution. Indeed it has been done, but it is failing. Either the game is not compelling, good fitness is not delivered, or the exercise is not meaningfully connected to the game. Enter Quell. We deliver an experience that will get you fit fighting your way through a fantasy world. Real gaming. Real exercise. Zero Compromise.


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