Exercise is crucial for maintaining health. Period. We all know it, but it doesn’t mean we like it. It’s not that the idea of getting fit isn’t appealing—health and wellbeing are on the rise, and in a world of £30-per-class spinning gyms, fancy yoga studios, and high-fashion gym wear selling a lifestyle aesthetic, the number of people who want to get in shape is only increasing. So why do so many people hate exercise?


Why do so many people hate exercise?


It can be tough to break in…


The reality is that breaking into exercise is hard. Getting on the fitness bandwagon is easy, but staying on is a different story. Our modern lifestyles induce excess tension and muscle misalignment—primarily because so much of our working day is spent hunched over a computer screen or smartphone.

If you’re starting from a previously sedentary lifestyle, you won’t feel like you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. It’s enough to put anyone off going back—sore knees, burning calves, and an aching lower back… exercise is just plain tough on the body. So why doesn’t the output match the input? It’s no wonder some people hate exercise!

There are two obvious ways around this. The first is to push through the mental and physical objections in hopes that your efforts will eventually yield noticeable results. Sound unappealing? Then perhaps the second option is for you: do your research, and find a workout that works for you and, importantly, one that’s worth the effort.

It’s no secret that those who find their ideal exercise mode and commit to it regularly come to rely on it and crave more. This has enormous benefits on physical and mental health. Membership to this club is not exclusive—it is open to everyone! You just need to get started and find an exercise that works well for you, which is where an experience like Quell comes in.



It can be boring…


Bootcamps, crossfit, and running work for some people, but they aren’t the only way to get fit! It’s not uncommon to find this sort of exercise monotonous, strenuous and, well, boring. If you focus too much on the exercise you are doing, wishing you were anywhere else, you might form a mental block.

By this we mean capping your physical limit far below your true potential, stopping before you have even broken a sweat because you are just too uncomfortable or bored to continue! We have all been there, but pushing your limits is a necessary part of improving your health and fitness.

At Quell, we believe exercise should be immersive. In the ideal case, you’re simply enjoying what you are doing so much that you completely forget that you are exercising. Before you know it you’ll be building up your muscular capabilities and cardiovascular fitness. Win-win!

It can be time consuming…


Working 9 to 5, what a way to never have time for anything. With our increasingly busy schedules. the time we have outside of work is precious to us. It is understandable that people want to spend this time relaxing or (lockdowns notwithstanding) seeing their friends and socialising. For many people this is the antithesis of exercise, and yet it is still recommended that we work out for an hour a day.


The Bottom Line


In your free time maybe you just want to kick back , play games, and lose yourself in a fantasy world far removed from the confines of your living room. Now imagine using your body as the controller in a game carefully designed to give you a focused, efficient and exhilarating workout without you even noticing. We’d call that killing two birds with one stone. Enter Quell—the future of fitness gaming!


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