By: Quell Team Health & Fitness

The trade off: Effective calorie burn, affordability, or fun?

There are many different ways of exercising; from traditional activities such as running and swimming to more modern-based gym classes like spin. When trying to squeeze in a workout we are spoilt for choice and it can be overwhelming. How many calories should you burn in a workout? And, what burns more calories (CPM): walking or biking? It can be difficult to know you’re getting the most out of the exercise. So, we looked at the most popular ways to work out with the following factors in mind:

  • Is the workout effective? Let’s not waste time, we’re looking for a good sweat session. A successful workout should burn between 200-500 calories in a 30-minute session.
  • How accessible is the workout? Is it expensive? Is it time-consuming? Do you have to rely on others? When choosing a form of exercise it needs to be convenient and cost-effective.
  • Do you enjoy it? A workout should be fun and immersive so you don’t realize you’re burning calories!

Which exercise is the best fit for you?


Swimming is an excellent way to strengthen and tone your whole body without inflicting too much physical stress. In fact, the number of calories burned swimming during an intense workout matches the number burned when running but without the same impact on your bones and joints. A physiotherapist would definitely prefer this as a workout choice!

All you need is a swimming pool membership, a swimsuit and maybe some goggles. But let’s face it… it’s boring as sin. Swimming up and down a lane on repeat is hardly up there with the excitement factor and with no way of popping in a podcast or some motivational music it can be very dull. Plus, who likes smelling of chlorine?


Running is incredibly popular; more than 50 million Americans regularly go out for a jog. This isn’t surprising considering how accessible it is. Grab your trainers, step outside and you’re good to go.

The benefits of running include better sleep, improved mental well-being1 and the average person burns around 500 calories in a 3-mile run. Whilst it might be one of the best exercises to burn calories it has damaging effects on the body. The impact of running can cause severe long-term injuries. And, despite being so popular, very few people actually enjoy it (a recent survey stated that only 8% of runners from around the world love it).

No one enjoys going for a run in the cold or rain. This weather dependency combined with the damaging effects of running makes it less than ideal for a good workout choice


The popularity of cycling has boomed over the past few years with the number of people cycling in the USA reaching 51.4 million during the pandemic.

As a form of exercise cycling is great for enhancing endurance, strength and balance. However, getting into cycling is incredibly expensive. The cost of a basic aluminum road bike is upwards of $1,000, if you include the cost of other required equipment and bike maintenance a keen cyclist will be spending thousands of dollars each year.

Plus, those choosing to cycle should be aware of the possibility of road accidents. And let’s face it, not many of us can pull off the spandex look.


More than 250 million people across the world play soccer and no wonder, it’s a really fun way of working out!

Soccer helps improve general fitness as well as reflexes and the best bit is players are so engaged with winning they forget they are working out.

As great as the game is, it’s hard to rely on it for a consistent exercise regime as it requires time and commitment from others as well as yourself. It’s not an activity you can do at the drop of a hat. And as a face-paced contact sport there’s always a risk; one misplaced tackle can result in a nasty leg injury.


A class-based workout, Spin combines bursts of fact-paced cycling with slow resistance cycling and lighter rest periods. It’s a fitness craze that has taken off over the last few years.

Spin is low impact and great for toning abs, glutes and legs. However, some people can find the classes intimidating especially if they arrive late and have to sit on one of the bikes in the front row.

The classes are often expensive with the average session costing $30 each time meaning you end up spending thousands of dollars a year just to work out.


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