Real Fitness.
Real Gaming.

Play Quell, the future of fitness gaming. Get fit fighting your way through unforgettable fantasy worlds. Designed by professional athletes, tailored to you.


Quell combines the excitement of gaming with an intense, full-body workout tailored to you. Punch, block, dodge, sprint, leap and cast spells as you explore an incredible world filled with fierce enemies.
Feel Everything.

Feel every punch like it’s real with the world's first dedicated fitness gaming console, featuring customizable resistance, powerful haptics, and lightning-fast motion recognition.

Real Fitness.

Burn more calories than a spin class with immersive, high-intensity workouts. Exercise arms, shoulders, chest, core, back, and legs, building strength and endurance. Get the most out of your fitness session with Quell’s built in heart-rate monitor.

Real Gaming.

Lose yourself in worlds bursting with unique challenges, exciting enemies, amazing stories and endless rewards. With constant updates, no two workouts are alike.

For Everyone.

No combat or gaming experience required, challenges are fully customized to you. Quell is designed to fit all shapes, sizes and fitness goals.

Quell is the perfect way to videogame away my aversion to exercise.

Kevin Lin, Twitch Co-Founder

I was so surprised at how intense the workout with Quell was. I was sweating from start to finish.

Claudia, National Karate Champ

It is definitely exercise but it doesn’t feel like exercise. It feels like a game!

Ryan, National Boxer


Quell Impact + Shardfall
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Shardfall is free for pre-order customers. Save $50!

Lose yourself in an adventure where the hero gets stronger as you do. Pre-order the world’s first dedicated fitness gaming system now to guarantee Winter delivery.

  • Gym-quality fitness. Real resistance and heart-rate monitoring
  • Thrilling gameplay. Explore and fight your way through beautiful worlds
  • Full immersion. Real-time motion tracking and powerful haptics
  • Endless content. Regular updates from the Quell team

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Some game features may change during development.