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Real Fitness
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Real Gaming

Get Fit.
Save The World.

Quell combines the excitement of gaming with an intense, full-body workout tailored to you.
Experience the next generation of fitness gaming with real resistance, powerful haptics and live technique analysis.
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Feel Everything

Lose yourself in the action with motion tracking, customisable resistance, and powerful haptics.
Start in under a minute. No headsets. No cameras. No fuss.

Discover A Brand New Adventure

Run, jump, punch, duck and dodge your way through a huge range of enemies and worlds, taking on tough challenges to earn exciting rewards.

Better Exercise Than The Gym

Burn more calories than a spin class with real resistance and immersive, full-body workouts tailored to you.
Get better faster with real-time technique analysis.

Endless Replayability

Constant updates keep your workout fresh with new exercises, new worlds to explore and new achievements to conquer.

Challenge Your Friends

Fuel your motivation with thrilling multiplayer.
Compete to be the best or team up to take down the hardest trials.
Join The Action

All You Need Is A PC

Quell’s high-tech wearable provides resistance, haptics and live motion tracking.
Ultra-fast wireless connection streams your motion to your desktop or laptop.
Connect to your TV for the big-screen experience.


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