Patch Notes

By: Quell Team Quell Update

As the Quell community continues to enjoy Shardfall we’re constantly looking at ways to develop the experience further. We have already made a number of improvements to the Launcher, Impact and Shardfall and will continue to roll out patches and new releases to make working out on Quell the best it can be. Check out the latest updates below:


May 13th, 2024

Shardfall 1.2

New features

  • Added the option to duck using a button during traversal
  • Difficulty settings can now be modified during a session
  • Added extra guidance on chest pod orientation before the session starts
  • Improved the in-combat jump tutorial

Balancing & Improvements

  • Renamed “Strong Punches” to “Fast Punches” to be more consistent with the required gesture, and removed any references to “Quick Punches”
  • Removed the requirement to use Fast Punches to complete the tutorial successfully
  • Perk overlay now appears when holding L3

Major Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the issue where the game could fail to load on some macOS machines
  • End Game World Level now loads the correct type of enemies


April 16th, 2024

Shardfall 1.1 Hotfix 1 (macOS only) - Reverted

  • We issued a hotfix to solve the issue where the game could fail to load on some macOS machines.
  • We have since reverted this fix pending further bug resolutions.


April 15th, 2024

Shardfall 1.1


  • Traversal obstacles damage you proportionally to your level.
  • Shard Guardians' health regeneration rate has been reduced.


  • Preparations for reducing the patch size in future updates.
  • In the end-of-session summary, you will see new records for your Quell score, calories burnt, rage score, and the number of times you were knocked out.
  • The main menu, pause menu, and tutorial intro now display notifications on session length and lost progress when leaving a session early.


  • The game will now start whether or not the optional weight and height data are added to your profile in the Quell Launcher.
  • Shardfall will default to the “High” quality setting instead of “Ultra”, making it easier for many players to launch the game. You can still update your quality settings to better suit your system in the Shardfall settings menu.


  • Fixed an issue where the Shard Guardians encounter in Level 16 could appear halfway through the level.
  • Removed a tiny shard that could be seen while leaving the combat arena in the tutorial.
  • The rage icon in the end of session screen will now display correctly.
  • Hovering above items in the equipment tab before the tutorial will now display the stats correctly.
  • The game will now pause when you navigate to another window.
  • You can now navigate the pause menu using the keyboard.

Launcher 1.1


  • Game and Impact versions can now be viewed in the Impact settings menu.
  • Added further guidance and support for Impact driver installation.


  • The Impact will now turn off when the Launcher is closed, allowing it to charge faster between sessions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from re-running the first-time setup.
  • Improved the stability and error messaging in the Impact update process.


  • Existing profiles will always be shown when you open the Launcher.
  • The Impact Glyph colors will now show the correct battery level.
  • The correct error message now displays when you remove the dongle.
  • Correcting the required charge level for the Impact update.
  • Improved messaging for pop-ups about Launcher errors, updates and log collection.
  • Fixed the placement, cropping and resolution of various images in the Launcher.
  • Improved text formatting and placement.

Impact 2.1


  • Fixed the issue where the Impact would sometimes display no charging light even when charging.
  • Fixed the issue where duck detection could sometimes fail during a session.
  • Fixed the issue where the controller’s light would still show connecting after it had connected to the dongle.


  • Reduced false positive punches that were triggered when fighting some enemies.