By: Quell Team

Curious about fun ways to stay fit at home? Enter boxing fitness games. They're not just games – they're full-body workouts that keep you moving and engaged and Quell is leading the way in the fitness gaming industry.

What is Quell? Quell has designed an exercise game that provides a full-body home workout while immersing you in an exciting game so you don’t even notice you’re exercising.

But a fitness game has to be challenging and dynamic to be successful. Users want to feel a difference in their fitness levels as a result. They also want to be entertained by the game.

Lets take a look at which features of Quell’s launch title, Shardfall, successfully make the fitness game an engaging challenge.


Running, jumping, and ducking are important moves in fitness. Together they offer an exciting full-body workout. These actions engage a range of muscles and boost cardiovascular endurance.

Running increases leg strength and stamina. Your heart rate increases, you burn calories and your overall fitness is improved. Jumping works your calf and thigh muscles. As a result, it sharpens your agility and coordination. Jumping is a powerful calorie torcher too.

Ducking or squatting targets your lower body. It strengthens leg muscles and engages your core. This promotes stability and balance.

In combination, these actions create a dynamic routine. Running burns fat and improves endurance, jumping enhances speed and coordination, and ducking strengthens legs and core.

Combining these types of movement with gaming exercise results in a fun and challenging full-body workout. Quell uses these movements during the traversal section of their boxing fitness game, Shardfall. During traversal you run though the world of Shardfall. You have to jump over and duck under obstacles.

This section helps to manage your heart rate for a successful workout. If a section requires lots of jumps in a row this will increase your heart rate. If you have to job uninterrupted this will be the game giving you a chance to bring your heart rate back down to a manageable level.

This trio of movements transforms boxing fitness games into an intensive, fun workout that hones the whole body.


Resistance bands are great tools for making boxing fitness games challenging and effective. They make your workout exciting and tough and exercising your whole body.

These bands are stretchy, weighted ropes that apply resistance to your muscles making each move more challnging. When you throw a punch the resistance on your muscles means you have to put more effort in. This helps to make your muscles strong and toned.

You can use resistance bands to work specific muscles. In Shardfall, the resistance bands are used to add extra pressure to your arm and shoulder muscles. The bands can also enhance your core muscles. Strengthened core muscles give you balance and stability.

The Quell Company has designed three levels of resistance bands to play the boxing fitness game with. You can personalize the difficulty level of your workout by moving up or down a level of resistance.

You should start with the easier bands and be careful not to overdo it. As you get stronger you will find you need to use higher levels of resistance to continue getting fitter.

Using resistance bands requires you to work harder to complete each movement. This makes your heart pump faster and burns calories.

Using resistance bands in boxing fitness games like Quell can make your whole body powerful. It also adds an extra excitement to the fitness game and keeps your workouts fun.


Boxing fitness games bring the fun while giving you a workout that challenges your whole body. Quell has designed a fitness game with both exercise and real gaming at its core. One way we use gaming to keep you motivated and entertained during your workout is with a variety of challenging enemies.

The enemies in the game all have different styles of attack and defense but all of them make you move a lot. You have to punch, block, squat and jump to beat them. You complete a high intensity workout in order to defeat each enemy but the variety makes it entertaining. You don’t realize you’re working out.

Each enemy is totally different. The conker has a hard defensive shell, sometimes it disappears into the shell to protect itself. At this point you have to throw lots of punches to break the conkers defense. When the defense is broken you can cause damage to the enemy and eventually defeat it.

On the otherhand The Jellyfist throws projectiles at you which you have to punch away. This attack requires you to be timely with your punches so you don’t take damage. You also have to focus on what type of punch is required to knock the projectile away. It could be a jab, uppercut or hook on either your left or right hand.

The enemies all have very different defensive strategies but they also have a range of engaging back stories. For example, the Mech is an enemy tht has been commanded by the Bellicus Civilization to harvest rage. Whereas the Ash is a nature enemy that has been corrupted by the Bellicus and has a Sylvae stuck inside which you need to free!

Each enemy is different and each makes your whole body work hard in different ways. You're so engaged in the plot and focused on beating the enemies. Your heart beats faster, and you burn calories but you don’t realize you’re working out.


When you are gaming you complete challenges to move up levels. As part of an exercise plan you increase the difficulty level of each workout to ensure you are continuing to get fitter. So, level progression is vital to providing an engaging and challenging home workout in video game fitness.

Level progression makes your workout exciting and tough for your whole body even as you get stronger. Without level progression you would never get better. Your body has to be challenged in order to improve. If you were always stuck on the same level you wouldn’t be able to get stronger beyond the threshold set by that level.

In Shardfall the levels are tailored to your fitness level. The game assess your performance and provides you with a workout that suits your ability. Every time you play the game will get progressively more challenging to ensure you get stronger.

Seeing yourself progress into more challenging levels is also motivating to continue playing and working out. In traditional video games you experience a sense of accomplishment when you level up. In fitness video games this feeling is heightened because you feel physically stronger too.

Another way to adjust the level progression with Quell is by changing the weight of your resistance bands. The stronger you get, the more resistance you should be using.

Level progression is like a challenge that keeps changing. It makes your workout into a game. This way, boxing fitness games, like Shardfall, give you a full-body workout that's fun, dynamic and tailored to you.