We're shaping the future of fitness gaming.

Quell In a Nutshell


Technical Artist

“I love working at Quell because it's a perfect mix of an amazing project, collaborative people and a common sense of purpose. We have a really strong culture of supporting each other and providing feedback. The company is at a stage where anyone can have an impact on everything they want to, and working together is fun!”

Production Director

“My favourite part of my job is helping other team members. As a producer, it's my privilege to make sure everyone has the conditions to do their very best work. I feel incredibly accomplished when someone who was feeling overwhelmed or demotivated suddenly feels energised and excited as a result of my work.”

Co-founder & CTO

“The culture at Quell is very open, transparent and caring. I believe that's possible thanks to the alignment of the team around our mission: delivering the best possible fitness gaming experience. It's something we all truly believe in."

Machine Learning Engineer

“I love that we’re not developing just a video game, but a revolutionary experience for the users. We’re moving at a fast pace without compromising the high standards of the final product. My favourite part about working at Quell is the amazing and extremely nurturing team."

Application Process