By: Quell Team

Resistance training is a highly effective method for building muscle endurance, strength and power. But, it can be repetitive and dull making it hard to stick to a workout routine. To combat this, fitness games have begun to emerge, using elements of gamification to make workouts more enjoyable and engaging.

Quell is shaping the future of fitness gaming with its boxing workout game, Shardfall. Using resistance bands and gamification, Quell has designed an enjoyable, engaging workout.

Resistance training games are revolutionizing traditional workout routines by leveraging technology to incorporate gamification elements, interactive feedback and social competition. These games provide an immersive and motivating experience that keeps users excited and committed to their fitness journeys.


How do game developers make resistance training interactive and enjoyable?

  • Progression and Rewards: In-game progression helps users develop. As they advance, they unlock new levels, challenges, and virtual rewards. This progression provides the user with a feeling of accomplishment and motivation to continue persevering.
  • Challenges and Achievements: Providing accomplishments for users to strive towards contributes to users feeling motivated and satisfied. These can be based on completing certain exercises, reaching intensity milestones or achieving specific fitness goals.
  • Leaderboards and Rankings: Featuring leaderboards in workout games enables users to compete with friends or other players. This social element adds a competitive aspect to the workout and pushes players to strive for success.


When resistance training games provide feedback and tracking they enhance the workout experience and promote better results. But, how is performance tracking utilized?

  • Motion Tracking: Motion tracking technologies such as wearable devices can be used to monitor users’ movements during exercise. This allows for real-time feedback on form, technique and performance, helping users work out effectively.
  • Repetition Counting: Resistance training games can accurately count repetitions so user doesn't have to. Users can focus on their workout without worrying about tracking performance. Instant feedback is provided to ensure they meet their repetition goals, allowing them to build muscle mass.
  • Performance Metrics: Resistance training games provide users with detailed performance metrics, such as calories burned, workout duration and intensity level. With this information they can track their progress, set new goals and fully engage in the workout session.


Traditional workouts are often perceived as monotonous and boring. Workout games offer variety and customization to combat this, here are some examples:

  • Exercise Variety: Workout games often require you to complete a wide range of exercises that target different muscle groups. Users are able to complete full-body workouts or target specific areas when they play. This variety helps prevent boredom while promoting overall muscle development.
  • Game Modes and Themes: Featuring different game modes and themes provide a diverse experience and keeps each workout engaging. Players experience a range of different worlds and challenges keeping each workout fresh and exciting.
  • Customizable Workouts: Resistance training games can allow players to customize their workout routine according to their fitness level. This keeps workouts interesting, accessible and caters to individual preferences and goals.


What competitive and social features can be used in resistance training games to enhance the overall workout experience?

  • Multiplayer Modes: Some workout games offer multiplayer modes, allowing users to compete or collaborate with other players in friendly competitions. This social interaction helps to motivate players.
  • Virtual Challenges: Users can participate in virtual challenges individually or as part of a community. These challenges can vary in form but often involve completing a certain number of workouts or reaching a specific fitness milestone. They provide a sense of purpose and foster a motivating environment.
  • Online leaderboards and rankings: Leaderboards allow users to compare their achievements and completion rates to others. They create a healthy competitive atmosphere and drive users to improve their performance. It also facilitates friendly competition and encourages users to share their achievements with others. By using competitive and social features such as these, resistance training games create a sense of community, accountability and motivation.
  • Social sharing and community integration: Some games can link up with social media platforms so users can share their progress. This allows users to receive support from their friends making the workout experience more connected. This feature can also inspire others to pursue their own fitness goals. Users consequently feel connected to others who share similar fitness goals, leading to increased motivation and commitment to their workout routines.


Quell is an innovative fitness gaming company that aims to revolutionize home workouts while delivering an immersive gaming experience. We want to provide people with an engaging and fun workout that can be played anywhere.

We have built a workout game with fitness at its core using gamification to engage and motivate players. Progressing in the game depends on your fitness level. This helps ensure you always face enemies that are a suitable challenge. As you get stronger, your character also gains strength.

Quell has developed motion-tracking technology that allows us to provide in-game and post-workout feedback. This feature allows you to track your progress and set achievable goals to work towards.

We ensure a dynamic and engaging workout session with customization elements. The resistance bands integrated into the gaming experience promote muscle growth and toning. Adapt your workout to the right level with these boxing resistance bands. We offer three levels of resistance. This helps you continuously strengthen and tone your muscles as you exercise.

Our fitness game combines running, jumping and fighting enemies, to provide a high-octane immersive experience. With powerful haptics and procedurally generated gameplay, Quell ensures a dynamic and engaging workout session. Get motivated to achieve your fitness goals and enjoy your workout with our thrilling gameplay.

Join the resistance training revolution and enjoy working out with Quell’s launch title, Shardfall.