By: Quell Team Health & Fitness

Are you tired of dragging yourself to the gym and plowing mindlessly through a mundane workout? Are you wondering how to achieve fitness and have fun at the same time? It’s time to embrace the power of fitness gamification! With Quell you can revolutionize your exercise routine and unlock a new level of enjoyment.

But how is that possible? Quell has explored which game elements that make exercise not just bearable but fun and engaging. Get ready to boost your fitness game like never before.


Exercise can be more fun when you turn it into a game. One way to do that is by using high-octane gameplay. It's like playing an exciting video game while you work out. Instead of doing the same old exercises at the gym, you can use fun workout games to stay motivated and have a great time. When you play these games, you can burn calories and have fun at the same time.

High-octane gameplay captures your imagination and engages you in the world of the game. The thrilling features will immerse you in the game and motivate you to keep working out. Fitness is easier when you’re having so much fun you forget you’re exercising.

Imagine working out in a magical world where you get to run, jump, and fight enemies. It's just like being a real superhero! This kind of game makes exercise feel like an exciting adventure. Quell has made a fitness game that makes working out fun.

It has exciting enemies, a powerful storyline, and engaging challenges. When you play this game, you'll be exercising without even realizing it. Fitness games that use high-octane gameplay are a great way to get fit and have a good time.


Quell’s new fitness game, Shardfall, uses an immersive plot to engage the player in their workout. In this game, you go on an adventure through the Shardfall world. There are enemies that have taken over so every time you run into one you must battle and defeat them. This thrilling plot draws the player into the game making them feel like an important part of the action.

Shardfall’s engaging storyline gives the player a greater incentive to workout. Users become motivated by the plot as well as their own fitness goals. You have to fight the enemies to save the Shardfall world as well as to tone your muscles. Having a reason to keep pushing yourself that is separate from your exercise goals can help you to persevere when things get tough. It’s not just about getting fit, but also about following the story and being part of the action. Engaging the player through an exciting plot makes exercise more enjoyable. It’s so much fun, you can even forget you’re working out!

Building a fitness game around an entertaining plot drives engagement from the player. The higher the engagement, the more you will enjoy the exercise and the more you will see the fitness benefits. So, if you’re wondering how to find exercise you enjoy why not try a fun fitness game with an immersive storyline. You'll enjoy your workouts more and feel proud of what you can achieve!


Fitness games need to have engaging challenges to motivate players. So, boxing games need exciting and challenging enemies to deliver an enjoyable workout.

Quell creates a fun cardio workout with its roster of impressive enemies. You have to run through the Shardfall world and battle each foe you come across. But be ready, because you'll face a vast range of enemies, each with their own fighting style. You have to learn how they fight and come up with clever strategies to beat them. It's like solving a puzzle while you exercise!

Quell’s enemies all have an interesting, threatening appearance making each combat dangerously fun. From the aggressive and determined Mech to the agile, vicious Ash each enemy poses a new threat. But watch out for their attacks, the Ash will whip out it’s Vine Sweep and you have to think fast to jump or duck under as it slashes it’s deadly weapon from side to side. While sparring with the Mech, be on your guard and duck to protect yourself when it tries to knock you down with the lethal spinning windmill attack.

This range of challenging enemies are vital to fitness games. They pose an exciting opposition that you want to keep defeating, providing an exhilarating and entertaining workout.


It’s important to have a sense of achievement when you exercise. When you lift heavier weights or do more squats during a fun gym workout you may feel a sense of accomplishment. Fitness games use performance tracking and in-game rewards to offer a greater and more consistent feeling of accomplishment.

Fun exercise equipment like Quell’s Impact allows you to feel good about yourself and have fun as you work out. Quell has designed rewards that you can benefit from during the game. After each combat, there is a chance to win a perk that makes the next combat slightly easier. When a player is rewarded with one of these perks it motivates them to keep working hard as they feel like they’re doing well.

The game offers in-game and post-game statistics so you can track your progress. Users find it motivating to see their development and come away from the workout feeling good about themselves. Having a sense of your achievements during your fitness journey is encouraging and makes exercises more fun.


Your exercise journey can be more fun with fitness forums. These are great places to discuss your progress with like-minded people and encourage each other to reach your goals. They can also be a great place to share new ways to find fitness fun and games to brighten up your workouts.

Quell’s performance tracking feature allows you to share your progress with friends. You can set up challenges for you and your friends to do based on how quickly you can defeat each enemy. Sharing and comparing your progress can create some fun and healthy competition so you’re more engaged in your workout.