By: Quell Team

Are you looking for an effective workout routine that you can actually stick too? Are you wondering how to find exercise you enjoy? A common misconception when it comes to exercise is that healthy fitness routines are only possible in certain living environments. But with recent developments in the fitness gaming industry, having a consistent exercise routine is becoming easier. The increasing popularity of fitness games mean people enjoy their workout routine so find it easier to stick to.

If you’re keen to join the fitness gaming revolution, its important to chose the right workout game for you. If your goal is to lose weight, the game you select might be different to the one you might choose if you wanted to focus on muscle flexibility. Selecting the right game for your goals is key to adopting a fun workout routine you can stick to.


Choosing the right fitness game becomes more effective when you set game-centric fitness goals. These goals act as your game strategy, providing a roadmap for success and keeping your gaming experience focused and rewarding.

Begin by defining specific and realistic in-game achievements. Instead of a vague "get fit" notion, aim for gaming milestones like completing a certain number of in-game workouts or achieving a specific score. Specific goals enhance your gaming experience and make progress tracking straightforward.

Ensure your goals are measurable within the gaming context. Whether it's reaching a certain level, conquering challenging game levels, or achieving in-game fitness milestones, measurable goals keep you motivated and engaged. You should also understand what fitness tracking is available in workout games. You can use this tracking to measure your progress and set realistic goals.

Assign deadlines to your fitness objectives. Having time limits creates a sense of urgency and encourages consistent progress. Break down larger gaming goals into achievable levels or challenges, you should celebrate each victory to maintain motivation.

Personalize your fitness goals to align with your workout preferences and abilities. Tailor them to make the experience enjoyable, ensuring that achieving these goals feels like leveling up in your fitness game. Select your goals wisely to turn the fitness game into an enjoyable and successful journey.


Researching the market and getting a better understanding of fitness gamification is crucial for reaching your workout goals effectively. It's like finding the perfect teammate on your journey to a healthier you. Without the right game, staying motivated and enjoying the process becomes challenging.

Start by looking into the features of different fitness games. Check if they align with your preferences and fitness level. Not all games are the same, so choose one that suits your style and abilities. If you’re new to fitness gaming or exercise routines, select a game that is beginner friendly.

Read reviews from others who've tried the games. Their experiences can give you valuable insights. Look for games that are praised for being fun, engaging, and effective in helping users reach their fitness goals. If you want to read a Quell game review, check out this page. We have collated all our reviews to one place so you can read what real people think of our fitness game.

Consider the variety of workouts offered by the game. A mix of exercises keeps things interesting and targets different parts of your body. This diversity prevents boredom and ensures a well-rounded fitness routine.

Check if the game offers progression tracking. Being able to monitor your achievements helps you stay on course. Look for games that provide feedback and rewards, making your fitness journey both measurable and rewarding.

In summary, researching fitness games helps you find the right fit for your goals and preferences. Choose a game that matches your style, offers diverse workouts, and provides a tracking system to make your fitness journey enjoyable and successful.


The Quell Impact is a Fitness Gaming Platform that allows you to workout from anywhere. With motion tracking technology your body becomes the controller as you run, jump, duck and fight your way to fitness. Boxing Resistance bands build and tone your muscles and raise your heart rate in this fun, cardio workout.

Battle your way to fitness in our launch title, Shardfall. This is a fitness game tailored to your ability, you can track your progress in game and watch as your character gets fitter with you. With a range of movements and a large roster if unique enemies, you’ll never get bored of working out with Quell.

If you’re looking for a fun workout game tailored to your ability that focuses on cardio and strength training then Shardfall and the Quell Impact could be the perfect fitness game for you.

Want to find out more about Quell? Check out the Quell Kickstarter page here to find out more about our journey.


Fitness games serve as excellent supplements to traditional gym workouts and other forms of exercise, adding a dose of fun to your fitness routine. They bring the gym experience into your living room, making working out more accessible and enjoyable so you can achieve fitness.

Incorporating fitness games alongside your gym sessions provides variety to your exercise regime. This variety keeps your routine dynamic, targeting different muscle groups and preventing workout boredom. The games offer a flexible option for days when going to the gym may not be feasible.

Fitness games also cater to different fitness levels, making them inclusive for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, these games can be adapted to suit your current fitness level and gradually challenge you as you progress.

Using fitness games in conjunction with other exercises allows for a well-rounded approach to fitness. You can combine cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience. This variety not only supports your overall fitness but also contributes to a more sustainable and enjoyable fitness journey.

In summary, integrating fitness games with traditional gym workouts provides a balanced and engaging fitness routine. The combination of both approaches ensures versatility, inclusivity, and an enjoyable path toward achieving your fitness goals.