By: Quell Team

Staying active is vital for your physical and mental health. But with all the household tasks, your day to day job and hobbies, it’s hard to find time! So why not combine your hobbies and exercise routine with Quell’s fitness video game.

The Quell Impact and launch title, Shardfall, uses motion tracking technology, resistance bands and powerful haptics to give you an immersive, full body workout. Video game fitness is the way to get a workout in while having fun.

But that's enough from us. We have put together some comments from those talking about Quell to give you a better idea of what we do and why people love the game. Check it out!


Tech Crunch explains how ‘Quell takes a gamified approach to the market, with resistance bands designed for a more active gaming/workout experience’. You run through the world of Shardfall in a wearable with integrated resistance bands, adding a strength training element to your gaming experience.

This is the perfect option for fitness for gamers. Independent were thrilled that this workout video game is accessible to all, saying ‘Each workout is tailored to your fitness level so as you grow stronger, your character does, too’. And it’s true, anyone can pick up this game and have a go. With various levels of resistance and world levels that get harder as you progress, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boxing beginner or MMA pro you can maintain your fitness with the Quell Impact.

The platform’s launch title, Shardfall, will see the player explore a world full of enemies to fight.’ highlights UK Tech News. So, you can play as often as you like without getting bored. The game has an extensive roster of engaging enemies, all with different battle strategies to keep you engrossed in your workout.

But why is Quell making such waves in both the fitness and gaming industries? Sports Pro Media threw some light on why, saying ‘The connected fitness market is shifting away from high-end proprietary hardware in a post-lockdown world. Quell sees a gap in the market for a gamified platform that requires only lightweight motion recognition sensors’. The game is easy to use and enjoyable, making fitness more accessible.

The Area Group describes how setting up is speedy and easy. ‘It’s simple to set up, with an adjustable belt that goes around your waist, resistance bands that clip onto the harness.’ This accessible technology means you can easily squeeze in a session on your lunch break if you’re strapped for time.

And if you still need more convincing The Area Group goes on to discuss how Quell is an innovative new product that is changing the fitness game. ‘You can get a similar experience in VR, but Quell allows for more intensity, and without a bulky headset soaking up all your exercise juice.’ Many people who use VR for fitness love the way it adds immersion to their workout but complain that the active movement combined with the headset leads to dizziness and nausea. With the Quell Impact, you’re fully immersed in the gaming experience but you finish the session feeling satisfied with your workout. They describe it as ‘an elegant solution to the fitness problem for people who find exercise boring’.

So, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, an avid gamer, or someone who just wants to workout in a fun way without paying for a gym membership, why not try this ‘complete fitness experience that doesn't compromise gameplay’.

If these Quell gaming reviews haven’t persuaded you to join the Quell fitness revolution, check out what our current community of fitness gamers have to say.

One early tester was thrilled with the results, saying ‘after only 7 minutes I had sweat pouring down my face. This is an incredible workout’. While another eager backer said ‘It looks fantastic, and you get to have fun while working out!’

Quell’s workout video game is unlike any fitness experience out there. Combining real gaming elements with high intensity fitness, we have developed a product that allows you to get fit and game simultaneously from your living room.