Getting Started

You’re just a few steps away from your first workout. This page will take you through everything you need to do before your first experience of Quell.

1. Unpack & Charge your Impact

  • Take your controllers, chest unit, charging dock and USB-C charging cable out of the box. The charging cable can be found in the compartment underneath the charging dock. 

  • Connect the charging dock to the mains using the USB-C charging cable. You may need a USB plug depending on your wall socket.

  • Place both controllers and the chest pod onto the charging dock. Leave them to charge for one hour.

  • LEDs WILL NOT display until you turn on your device for the first time in Step 4.

  • Continue with the steps below while your Impact charges.

2. Create Your Quell Account

  • When creating your account, make sure to use the email address associated with your order. If you no longer have access to that email address please contact Quell Customer Service via the Help Centre.

  • After creating your account come back to this page and follow the steps below.

3. Download & Install the Quell Game Launcher

  • The Quell Game Launcher is the hub that allows you to manage your Quell profile, install Shardfall, and keep up to date with the latest Quell news. 

  • Make sure to download the Launcher on the computer that you will be using to play.

  • Once downloaded, complete the on-screen steps to install and return to this page and follow the steps below.

4. Activate Your Membership

  • You will need an active membership to workout on Quell. Some customers will have an active membership included in their order, others will need to purchase  theirs at this point. 

  • You should have received an email with specific instructions on what you need to do to activate your membership. If not please contact

  • Pick from a monthly or annual subscription if not already included in your purchase.

5. Connect Your Quell Impact to the Launcher

  • After your Impact has been charging for one hour, insert the Impact dongle into any of the laptop’s USB ports.

  • Remove the controllers and chest pod from the charging dock and turn them on for the first time by firmly pressing and holding the power buttons on each for 15 seconds. On the controllers, these are the smallest buttons above “Y” and “B”, and on the chest pod it is the small button on the back.

  • After releasing the power buttons the LEDs should flash and then turn to solid purple. If the lights continue to flash, remove and reinsert the dongle to try again.

  • Once switched on, place your Impact controllers and chest pod back onto the charging dock

6. Log in to the Launcher and complete your Quell profile

  • Log in to the Launcher with the Quell account details you created in step two.

  • Follow the steps on the Launcher and create your profile.

  • Once your profile is created, follow the onscreen prompts to sync your Impact controllers with your computer.

7. Download and install Shardfall from the Launcher

  • From the main Launcher dashboard begin downloading Shardfall by clicking ‘Install’.

  • Return to this page and follow the steps below while Shardfall downloads.

8. Prepare your workout area & display

  • Ensure you’ve got a safe workout area. You will need at least one metre of space in all directions to work out comfortably.

  • Make sure nobody will walk through your workout area while you’re playing.

  • Always check your workout area for trip hazards before starting.

  • You can play Shardfall on your computer screen, or connect to a TV using an HDMI cable.

9. Adjust your Impact

Now it’s time to set up your Impact.

  • Attach the safety lanyards to your Impact controllers by threading the black string through the hole at the base of each controller.

  • Attach the resistance bands to your belt by inserting the metal hooks through the loops on the back of the belt. 

  • Lay the belt flat and attach the wrist straps to the resistance bands by clipping the small metal D-ring to the metal clip on the bands. Ensure that you attach the left wrist strap to the left side and vice versa. The letter ‘L’ or ‘R’ on the wrist strap should be facing upwards.

10. Insert the chest pod into your Quell belt

  • After ensuring the chest pod is switched on, insert it into the mesh sleeve on the inside of your Belt. The power button should be facing towards you, with the Quell logo facing the right way up.

11. Put on your belt

  • Wrap the belt firmly around your body, ensuring that the Quell logo is facing upward and the internal pocket is on your right hand side. 

  • The ideal position aligns the bottom of the belt with the bottom of your ribcage. Feel free to adjust based on personal preference.

  • Once the belt is on, ensure that the chest pod in the internal pocket is aligned to the centre of your body. If it is not aligned, adjust the position of the chest pod not the belt.

12. Put on your wrist straps

  • Take the right hand wrist strap. With the resistance band positioned in between your body and your forearm, put your right thumb through the elasticated thumb loop and wrap the strap over the top of your right wrist. 

  • Fasten by passing the end of the wrist strap through the steel loop and securing it to the fabric.

  • Repeat these steps with the left wrist strap.

13. Grab the controllers

  • Check that you have the controllers in the correct hands by looking at the trigger buttons. LB is on the left hand controller and RB on the right.   

  • Put on the safety lanyards by pulling the adjustable toggles to the end of the lanyards closest to the controllers, passing your hand through each lanyard and tightening the toggles to ensure they are not loose around your wrists.


You're now ready to jump into the future of fitness gaming. Not sure how to play Shardfall? Don't worry, there's an in-game tutorial during your first session that will help you become an expert in no time!

  • To begin playing Shardfall hit the LAUNCH button in the launcher.

  • Jump in and start your Quell fitness journey.


  • Remove your wrist bands and belt, and take the chest pod out of the belt pocket.

  • Wipe down your equipment and return the controllers and chest pod to the charging dock.


Starting your next workout will be quick and easy. The next time you want to play, just follow these three easy steps. 

  • Ensure your Impact is charged and switched on. After the initial set up, it only requires a quick click of the power buttons.

  • Load up the Quell Launcher and insert the Impact dongle into your computer. The Impact will now connect automatically.

  • Put on your belt, pick up your controllers, and leap into the world of Shardfall.