Quell Membership

Workouts are supercharged with your Quell Membership. Access to the latest Quell games, DLC and Shardfall updates, coaching features, community, analytics and more.

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What is the Quell Membership?

We’ll continue to support and expand our games well after our launch. Simultaneously, we’ll release many new titles in the future. To keep updated discover what we’re up to


*Subscription starts when you receive your Quell Impact.

$9.99 / Month
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$79.90 / Year

$6.66/month charged annually

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All Quell games included Our 2nd game is in the works
DLC and game updates Seasons, new enemies, new terrains, in-game collectibles
Live metrics Get real time feedback from your Impact. Track calories, heart rate, speed, & more
A social experience Compare with your friends, share your progress, post your stats
Leaderboards Battle with the best in the world
Save 33% Pay annually and save 33%
Feel the Impact

Quell Membership FAQs

When does my membership start?

Your membership starts as soon as you play your first Shardfall session, and remember the first month is on us.

What is the Quell Membership?

Quell is a subscription product. The Quell Membership helps us deliver amazing updates including new enemies, worlds, workouts, exercise analysis, and game modes.

You cannot use the Quell Platform without an active Membership.

What if I want to pause my subscription?

If you need to take a break, you can pause your membership rather than cancelling. This means all your data and progress is saved for when you’re ready to come back.

Simply head over to playquell.com and log into your account by selecting the person icon in the top right. Then select:

Manage membership > Manage subscription > Pause membership.

When you’re ready to reactivate log into your account and select:

Manage membership > Manage subscription > Activate membership.

How do I access my Quell account?

To finalize your account process. Go to the Quell Account page and select "Make an account". Complete the account creation steps using the email you used to place your order.

Do I need to set up account to buy Quell?

No, you can either create an account during check-out, or check-out as a guest. If you have created an account, you can for instance check your order status.

What platforms is Quell launching on?

Quell will launch in 2024 on PC and macOS.

Can multiple players use one Quell system?

Quell will support multiple user accounts on the same device, but to play against your friends you’ll obviously need your own device. Check out the Quell Duo Edition for a fantastic deal on two devices.