Experience the world’s first fitness gaming platform. Level up with high octane gameplay and full body, resistance based workouts.

  • Burn 600+ calories per hour
  • Smash your fitness goals from home
  • Escape workout boredom with immersive gameplay

Exhilarating gameplay that delivers high-intensity, full-body workouts at home.


It feels like Quell has actually put fitness first, without losing focus on the game.

tom's guide

The flow of each 20-minute level is impeccable, with each reprieve coming just when you need a break from punching or running.


Quell is an elegant solution that disguises your high-intensity HIIT workout with a robust roguelite.

Sports Illustrated

The Quell Impact takes the pain out of fitness and replaces it with the immersive fun you have while gaming.

Gadget Flow

You know you hate going to the gym, so you should try Quell instead, it's everything the Wii Fit dreamt of being and more.

tech radar

The most intense workout we’ve had playing any game... Quell is doing it’s job properly.

EDGE Magazine

High intensity, full body workouts

Effective cardio sessions in as little as 20 minutes - run, jump and fight your way to fitness.

  • Burn more than 600 calories an hour.
  • Full-body strength and conditioning.
  • Variable resistance levels from beginner to pro.
  • Smash your fitness goals from home.

High octane fitness gaming

Feel the power of Quell Impact and lose yourself in our first immersive game, Shardfall.

  • Sensor based motion tracking and powerful haptics.
  • Escape workout repetition as you adventure through ever-changing worlds.
  • Regular game updates bringing new challenges, enemies and rewards.

Benchmark your fitness and track your progress

Take control of your fitness with performance insights and build your Quell score as you play.

  • Live performance feedback with in-game stats.
  • Measure your progress with post-session analytics.
  • Personalised workout tips and recommendations.
  • Earn rewards and celebrate your wins.


Experience fitness gaming like never before with the Quell Impact platform and our first game, Shardfall. Quell membership gives full access to Shardfall and all future game releases for you and up to five other people.


Lose yourself in immersive workouts with sensor-based tracking, power haptics and high quality resistance equipment.

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Battle your way through beautiful worlds and conquer heart pounding challenges in our first game.

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Quell Membership

Unlimited access to Shardfall and all future game releases for you and up to five others.

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