Quell: Dev Diary #1

Quell Impact Fitness Gaming Dev Diary #2, Shardfall is the launch game for the worlds first fitness gaming console.


Today, we’re kicking off our brand new Dev Diary series. In these videos, Team Quell will take you behind the scenes of our development journey as we build the future of fitness gaming. In this first episode, we’ll walk you through a live demo of the latest Shardfall build. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

When you aren't protecting the world from the Bellicus, you'll be taking on enraged forces of nature. Team Design have been working hard to create a super-satisfying KO experience for these enemies. Defeating an enemy now gives you the chance to free and heal the Enraged Sylvae at its core. Absorbing the Sylvae’s Rage powers you up for the battles ahead.

Shardfall Enraged Sylvae Knockout Sequence

Team Art have been hard at work finding a super-immersive direction for Shardfall’s combat HUD. Check out their first mock-up below, and stay tuned for lots of exciting HUD updates including Rage, the energy you collect as you sweat your way through enemies. Have an awesome design idea? Drop into our Discord and share it with our team!

Shardfall UI Draft
We hope you enjoyed our first Dev Diary as much as we did. We'll be back next month with Dev Diary #2! As ever, thank you so much for your continued support.  You’re the reason we love what we do, and why we’re committed to delivering something incredible.
With love,

Team Quell