Quell Talks: The Impact

By: Quell Team Quell Talks

Welcome back to Quell Talks. We’re taking a deep dive into the fitness adventure awaiting our first 5000 backers in March. In the past few weeks we have explored Traversal and Combat, together they make up the Shardfall adventure. Next up on Quell Talks we’re taking a look at the system that makes this all possible: The Impact.

The Quell Impact is the wearable that powers your workout. It is designed with impactful exercise and pure immersion at the core of every decision. By combining motion tracking technology, powerful haptics and resistance bands, The Impact provides an effective workout during a fully immersive gaming experience. It provides strength training and cardio making it the only workout kit you’ll need. 

There are three core components that make up the Impact: The belt and resistance bands, the controllers and the chest pod. Together they create the perfect solution for fun and effective at home fitness.

The Belt

The Impact belt wraps around your waist and holds the chest pod and resistance bands in place. Quell’s fitness experience is designed for everyone. The belt is available in four sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you. It is made from lightweight, breathable material so that you’re comfortable during your workout. Non slip rubber sits on the inside of the belt so it doesn’t move during your session meaning you can focus on your workout. The belt is safe to wash so when you’ve finished a sweaty session, you can clean it for next time.

The Resistance Bands

The resistance bands attach to the back of your belt and connect to wrist straps. They add weight to your punches in combat so you have to put extra power behind each attack. The resistance bands target your back, shoulder and arm muscles. They increase your strength and help to tone your muscles as you play. While the resistance adds an extra challenge to the workout, the position of these bands encourage natural and controlled movement. They will increase your fitness without compromising on form and comfort. You can adjust the length of the resistance bands if you find they’re too long for your arms. There are toggles to slightly shorten or lengthen the resistance bands to ensure they are working your muscles as much as possible.

The resistance bands are available in three different levels from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re a pro at resistance training or you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be able to use the resistance level that matches your ability. As you progress through Shardfall and become stronger you can move up a resistance level. The adaptable nature of the Impact means you can continue to use it as you hit your fitness goals and progress to more advanced challenges. 

The Chest Pod

The chest pod and hand controllers work in tandem to turn your body into the controller. The chest pod is a small device that slides into the belt. It is responsible for capturing your running speed, jumps and ducks in real time. The movements tracked by the chest pod add cardio into your Quell workout sessions so you can burn up to 600 kcals an hour. 

The chest pod is designed to increase immersion for the player. The advanced motion recognition technology in the chest pod means there is no need for cameras or for you to wear a headset during your session. You can focus completely on your workout and get lost in the session. It is small and lightweight so once it is inserted in the belt, you won’t notice it during your workout. 

The chest pod is fitted with powerful haptics that are triggered when you are hit by an enemy or collide with an obstacle. The vibrations close to your chest add immersion to the action and draw you further into the adventure. The haptics feedback adjusts to the amount of damage you take from an enemy’s punch; the stronger the attack, the more intense the haptics are. You feel the impact of each hit, motivating you to stay strong and attack back.

The Hand Controllers 

The hand controllers use the same motion tracking technology to read your punches. They record what type of punch you’ve thrown as well as the force behind it and translate this in real time to your character on screen. Much like the chest pod, they are fitted with haptics which respond when you throw a punch and your character's fist collides with the enemy. The vibrations vary depending on the power you put behind your attack, making the battle feel real. Using motion tracking and powerful haptics, the chest pod and controllers work together to provide a seamless and immersive workout experience. 

The controllers are designed to be ergonomic so they don’t detract from your experience. They are sleek and light and are built with a slight arc to fit the curve of your hand to ensure comfort during your workout. Additionally, they have a full set of game controls so you can navigate through menus easily.

When you’re not using them, the controllers and the chest pod sit on a charging dock so they’re ready for your next session.

The Impact design is easy to use. It has a quick and simple set up so fitting in a workout is convenient. When you’ve finished your session, it packs away into a small bag so that it’s easy to store. Plus, with this compact and simple design you can take the Impact with you on trips away so you never have to forgo your fitness routine. 

We’re fast approaching the day when our early backers will get their hands on the Impact and start working out with Quell. Not part of the community yet? You can place your order now and join in soon! Want to find out more? Join our Discord to get involved in the discussion.