Quell Talks: Combat

By: Quell Team Quell Talks

Welcome back to Quell Talks. A sneak peek at all the exciting things coming up for those early backers who will soon experience their first workout with Quell.

This week on Quell Talks we’re taking a peak into Combat.

Last week, we explored Traversal. When you’re not running through the world and exploring, you’ll be facing fierce enemies in Combat. Here you’ll get your heart racing by throwing punches and putting up a strong defense. Each Shardfall session combines adventurous Traversal sections with high energy Combat so you’re always engaged. Having fun while you exercise helps you to maintain a consistent workout routine.

In Combat you’ll face two types of enemies; those deployed by the Bellicus and the Sylvae who have been corrupted with Rage. The Bellicus are trying to stop you from calming the Titan so they can continue mining Rage to build cities. You must defeat each enemy to continue on your quest. When the Sylvae are exposed to Rage, they warp into dangerous forest creatures. By fighting them and winning the battle, you free the Sylvae from Rage and restore it to its natural state. Every Sylvae you free is a step towards reinstating the natural world.

Your Move…

The action in Shardfall is driven by your decisions. With seamless motion tracking technology, the game responds to your movements, leaving you free to establish your own fighting styles. There are a range of gestures you can use in battle.

To attack your opponent you can throw a straight jab, catch them off guard with a hook or knock ‘em back with an uppercut. Keep an eye on the enemy and try to target your hits at their weak spots. As part of this combat workout the resistance bands work to strengthen and tone your muscles as you play, so you’ll feel the burn with every move.

You can rely on more than your strength to defeat the enemies of Shardfall. As a Hero of the Elan tribe, you can wield the natural power of the earth to cast spells. Spells can be used to cause significant damage to your opponent or to heal you so you can fight for longer. Spells can only be used if you have collected enough Mana along your way. But, use them wisely as each spell requires a lot of Mana.

Enemy Tactics…

You’re well armed to take on the Shardfall enemies in battle but that won’t make it easy. They’re ready to put up a good fight to get your blood pumping. Each enemy uses different tactics to try and throw you off your guard. You’ll have to stay alert and respond to their attacks. 

Some enemies will use an attack that requires you to jump or duck to evade injury. Thornling attacks by jumping back and swinging a spiked vine to knock you over or swipe your legs out from under you. You can’t avoid this with a block, you’ll have to be on your toes and ready to jump or duck.

Other enemies require you to watch the attack and time your response accordingly. Vollair blasts projectile strikes at you to cause damage. The only way to defeat Vollair is to bat these attacks back at the enemy using a combination of jabs, hooks and uppercuts. This battle isn’t for the faint hearted, you’ll win with rhythm and coordination.

Enemies like Armorelle have powerful shields to block against your attacks. When the enemy activates it’s shield you have to shatter through it to cause any damage. Breaking through is no easy feat. Hit the shield relentlessly until it cracks to reveal the enemy and their weak spots. Watch out for sharp spikes protruding out of the shield. Armorelle tries to deter your advances with these vicious spears. Punching them will injure you so try to hit the part of the shield that isn't defended.

Some of the brutally tough enemies like Tremorite use their immense strength to throw powerful punches. Your blocks are no match for these strong hits, they’ll smash through and knock you down. To protect yourself against these deadly strikes you’ll have to interrupt them. They can’t throw a punch of that strength with no preparation, the enemy must build up to it. Watch out for their signal and catch the enemy off guard to stop it in its tracks. Knock the punch out of the way to avoid getting hit.

The Shardfall combat sections provide high intensity resistance training. The boxing, jumping and ducking boost your heart rate while the resistance bands help to strengthen and tone muscles. The action in Shardfall is fueled by you and your choices. You can defeat an enemy in a number of ways, so get ready to explore how you can cause the most damage while maintaining your energy during the session. You’ll develop new tactics and fighting styles as you battle your way through the world. Following the early backer release of Shardfall there will be exciting updates to the game to keep your workouts fresh. New and even more ferocious enemies will take to the combat arena to challenge you in battle. 

Tune in next week to discover more about the adventure awaiting our first 5000 backers in March. Not part of the Quell community? You can place your order now and join in soon!

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