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DEV DIARY #2: The Quell Impact

In the latest episode of Quell’s Dev Diary, Team Quell takes you behind the scenes of the development of our fitness gaming system, the Impact. This next generation gaming wearable is the magic behind Quell. With such an important topic we’ve split this Dev Diary into multiple episodes, we’ll keep you up to date on our social channels when each episode drops.

This week, Quell Co-founders Martin (CTO) and Lorenzo (COO) discuss the need for the Impact system and why it is an important step forward in the world of fitness gaming.

Early on in Quell’s development, the founders completed extensive user research into exercise. Before designing the Impact they had to answer an age old question: why do so many people struggle to workout consistently?

They learned that in reality, there's two types of exercise. Engaged exercise (evokes competition, social engagement) and default exercise (boring).


  • lifting weights
  • Running/walking 
  • Cycling 


  • Playing soccer
  • Mountain biking 
  • Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit

Clearly, engaged exercise drives consistent workouts and more enjoyment. If engaged exercises were always available to everyone, no one would have an issue staying in shape. Unfortunately, competition and gamified workouts are gated behind cost, travel time, landscape, or simply having a group of people available to play with.

People need an accessible platform that delivers immediate rewards, a sense of progression, and an immersive experience. Enter: The Impact

The system uses gamification to motivate users to stay active and reach their fitness goals. With the Impact, users can compete in virtual competitions and challenges, track their progress, and earn rewards for their achievements. The system is designed to be accessible and convenient, so users can exercise anytime and anywhere. By providing a competitive and immersive experience, the Impact defeats the barriers to engaged exercise.


Martin and Lorenzo walk you through the immersive gaming and how the Impact achieves it.