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The advent of coronavirus has had some unexpected effects, including a remarkable boost in the value placed on physical wellbeing. Whether it be through cycling, getting active in nature, gaming exercise, or even just walking to the shops for essentials, the increase in dedication to fitness and health has been undeniable.

While this is by no means a bad thing, it has had us asking ‘why?’. One might expect us to be more nervous about leaving home to exercise! While there may be any number of reasons that vary from one individual to another, we have identified three particularly popular ones.



More free time


Without the long, tedious commute to work, a lot of us found ourselves with more time on our hands! As a result we have more time to maintain physical fitness where we otherwise might have been too tired or busy.

Furthermore, the pandemic has induced a wave of cancellations; from events to lectures to time with friends. Suddenly, the time that we would have spent socialising, relaxing, or whatever is wide open. It’s understandable that people would use this time to fulfill healthy habits (alongside the odd bit of Netflix).


Breaking up the day


If you are a student or working professional, you have likely been impacted by the need to work from home. It’s hard to believe that once upon a time this might have been a treat that allowed us more precious time in bed!

For many this has become repetitive and unstimulating… so exercise has become the solution! Working out or getting a little fresh air can work wonders for clearing and refocusing the mind on work. 

During the lockdown going outside to exercise was one of the few excuses we had to leave the house. For the sake of a change of scenery exercise was suddenly all the more enticing—even if it is just to remind ourselves that other humans do, in fact, exist.


Mental health benefits


Arguably one of the biggest reasons for the widespread boost in physical fitness is the positive impact it has on our mental health. Lockdown has presented a huge mental challenge for the population and exercise has been proven to tackle this. 

It acts as a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment by releasing endorphinsa.k.a.  “feel-good chemicals”… did someone say “runner’s high”? Working wonders at relieving tension and stress, they can also boost physical and mental energy, and therefore enhance mood and well-being.


What is Quell?


At Quell, we love exercise. Not only do we want to encourage more people to do it at home, we intend to transform it—and we think gaming exercise is the way to do this. Following the explosion of home workouts during lockdown, we see more of a need than ever for a fitness experience that makes exercising fun and immersive. What better way to do that than with fitness gaming?


Where to buy Quell


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