Fight for the fate of the world in SHARDFALL, Quell’s high-octane combat-based launch game. Wield the fists of a hero and set off on an epic adventure: experience fast-paced combat, breathtaking exploration, and endless rewards.

“I work out because it’s easy to fit into my day, but I’ve never enjoyed it. 20 minutes of Shardfall and I never want to go back. It’s just… fun!”

Thomas, Early Tester

“I love how much character and variety there is in the enemies. Switching up my fighting style to beat them kept me totally hooked.”

Hatty, Early Tester

“I could spend hours running through these beautiful worlds. Finding the perfect racing line through the obstacles feels fantastic.”

Pete, Early Tester

An Incredible Journey.

The power-crazed Bellicus have angered your forest’s peaceful Titan. It stalks across the world, warping nature into fearsome Rage Spirits. Wield the powerful gauntlets of the Ancestors on your quest to calm the Titan and restore balance to the world. To succeed, you’ll need to grow stronger…

Adrenaline-pumping combat

Take on a huge range of fierce enemies with different fighting styles. Attack with powerful jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. Defend yourself with blocks, jumps, ducks and dodges. Think and adapt to survive.

Run. Explore.

Race through beautiful worlds, from icy mountains to lush and ancient forests. Leap, duck and weave your way through obstacles and hairpin turns. Hit the hardest routes for greater rewards.
Compete. Cooperate.

Team up to take down the hardest enemies or compete to be the best on the leaderboard.

We’ll be releasing more details on this soon.

Endless Replayability.

Never play the same game twice, with procedurally generated worlds, fights and rewards tailored to your fitness goals and skill level. Keep yourself fully immersed and drenched in sweat.

More games.

We’ll continue to support and expand our games well after our launch. Simultaneously, we’ll release many new titles in the future.

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Endless Enemies


Footsoldiers of the Bellicus empire, Harvesters are razing the sacred forest to the ground in their conquest for fuel.

Enraged SYLVAN

These ferocious but fragile attackers are nature brought to corrupted life by the Titan’s rage.


These elite mechs boast incredible defence and earth-shaking punches. Keep your guard up and seize your moments.

jellyfist hive

This projectile firing fungi forces you to uppercut, hook, and jab your way onward.