Fight for the fate of the world in SHARDFALL, Quell’s high-octane launch game. Don the magical gauntlets of a hero and set off on an epic adventure to stop an enraged titan. Experience fast-paced combat, breathtaking exploration and an endless stream of rewards.

An Incredible Journey.

The power-hungry Bellicus failed in their attempt to capture your forest’s peaceful Titan, sending it into a terrifying rage. The balance of the natural world is shattered. As protector of the forest, it’s up to you to calm the Titan, heal the corruption, defeat the Bellicus, and restore balance to the world. To succeed, you’ll have to get stronger…


Take on the Bellicus mechs and corrupted forest creatures in adrenaline-pumping combat. Defend yourself with blocks, parries, jumps, ducks and dodges. Seize your opportunities with jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and spells. Every enemy is a fresh challenge and an incredible workout. You’ll have to fight hard and think on your feet.



Footsoldiers of the Bellicus empire, the Harvesters are razing the forest to the ground to fuel their conquest.

Enraged SYLVAN

These ferocious but fragile attackers are nature brought to corrupted life by the Titan’s rage.


Bellicus shock troops. These mechs boast incredible defence and earth-shaking punches. Keep your guard up and seize your moments.

And more coming soon...

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Great stress buster. The sense of achievement in defeating the bad guys is amazing!

Sara, Early Tester

The gameplay, the accuracy, the workout intensity - it was fun! I didn't even realise I was working out… which is ideal.

Naomi, Early Tester

I completely forgot I was working out and was just immersed in the gameplay.

Matthew, Early Tester

With Quell, hard work pays off. Throughout the game, you’ll quickly learn which enemies are hardest to beat and how to predict special attacks.

Compete. Cooperate.

Team up to take down the hardest enemies, or compete to be the best on the leaderboard.

We’ll be releasing more details on this soon.

Endless Replayability.

Variety is key to keeping exercise exciting. No two fights are exactly alike. You’ll have to think, improve and adapt to succeed. Exercise is about commitment over time. Quell helps you build and sustain healthy habits with diverse levels and challenges.

More games.

We’ll continue to support and expand our games well after our launch. Simultaneously, we’ll release many new titles in the future.