Turn every workout into an adventure.

Real resistance. Powerful haptics. Seamless motion tracking. Total immersion.
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“When I finished the session and snapped back to reality, I realised I was sweating harder than I ever have in a gym.”

Terry, Early Tester

“The motion recognition is slick. It felt like VR without the sweaty headset. I was in a state of total flow.”

Olivia, Early Tester

“This is a childhood dream — a game where my body is the controller. Pushing myself to hit harder was so satisfying.”

Razvan, Early Tester

Fight today. Feel it tomorrow.

Athlete-grade resistance bands target your muscles to deliver unparalleled cardio, strength and toning results.

Take control of the action.

Lose yourself in the action with real-time wearable motion recognition. No headsets. No cameras. No fuss.

Smash your goals.

Review your workout stats and see your improvement over time through the Impact’s high-accuracy heart-rate monitor

Action. Reaction.

Experience every punch like it’s real with powerful next-gen haptics. Feel the elation of victory and shock of defeat.
Comfort is King.

The Impact’s ergonomic, adjustable form factor fits all shapes and sizes.


Padded wrist bands and thumb loops avoid joint stress and prevent boxing injuries.

Easy charging.

The included dock charges all the Impact’s sensors quickly and easily.

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The Quell System

Pick up and play.

The Impact connects to your PC or Mac instantly. Stream to your TV for the big-screen experience.

Portable. Washable.

Throw it in a bag to bring it to a friend’s house, a holiday, or a business trip. Wash it in a machine once a week to keep it fresh.

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