The Future of Fitness Gaming.

The Quell Impact console turns every workout into an adventure. Real resistance. Powerful haptics. Seamless motion-tracking. Total immersion.

The wearable console was comfortable and worked well. The overall experience of having a challenging exercise outside of a gym class was impressive.

Nicole, Early Tester

The combination of console and game sensed what I was doing with a high level of accuracy.

Scott, Early Tester

It offered a challenging workout in a way that surprised me—I didn't think it would make me work as hard as it did.

Gabriel, Early Tester

You’re in control.

Lose yourself in the action. Every punch, leap, sprint, duck, and dodge is captured with lightning-fast sensors on your hands and chest.

Fight today. Feel it tomorrow.

Customizable resistance activates your muscles throughout the workout to deliver unparalleled strength and cardio results.

Action. Reaction.

Feel every punch, every miss and every victory with powerful next-gen haptics.


Using the built-in heart rate monitor, Quell enhances your cardio fitness by keeping you in your optimal heart rate zone, and helps you burn the right number of calories.
Comfort is everything

Fits all shapes and sizes with ergonomic design and full adjustability.


Safety first, with padded wrist bands and straps for the controllers.

Easy charging

Dock the controllers and chest unit for simple, rapid charging.

Pick up and play.

No wires, no headsets, no cameras, no fuss. The Quell system connects to your PC or Mac instantly. Stream to your TV for the big-screen experience.

Endless Play.

New games. New workouts. New worlds. Quell is developing hundreds of new experiences to keep you loving fitness.

Portable. Washable.

Throw it in a bag to bring it to a friend’s house, a holiday, or a business trip. Wash it in a machine once a week to keep it fresh.

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