By: Quell Team Health & Fitness

Did you know that just one training session a week can increase muscle strength by 37%? That's right, and we're here to help you make the most out of your workouts. Get ready to transform your living room into a personal fitness studio with our beginner workout options for at-home fitness!


Quell has developed one of the most innovative new boxing games to help you get fit from home. We have developed a full body, HIIT workout that you can do from your living room. This workout uses motion-tracking technology and resistance bands to give you the most effective workout.

Run around the Shardfall world, jumping and ducking to avoid obstacles and get ready to fight enemies. Feel the burn from the resistance bands as you throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts to defeat your opponent.

Powerful haptics and 1st person gameplay create full immersion for the player. These features draw you into the game so you lose yourself in the workout. Get sweaty and have fun as you game your way to fitness.

Quell is an excellent option for those looking to work out at home. With very little equipment required, you can use Quell to work out anywhere.

Not only can you save money on a gym membership but Quell saves you time. Workouts can be as short as 20 minutes. This means you can easily fit a workout into your work-from-home lunch break.

Working out from home is accessible for everyone with Quell. Whether you are a fitness beginner or a gym pro, the Quell Impacts are adaptable to your level. We offer three different levels of resistance for the bands so you can increase the difficulty as you progress.

Additionally, your character in Shardfall gets stronger as you do. So, the in-game progression follows your ability and encourages you to strive for your fitness goals.

You can pre-order the Quell Impact and our launch title ‘Shardfall’ here.


When it comes to at-home workouts, YouTube is seen as a fitness authority that caters to all levels of ability. YouTube provides a variety of exercises for beginners. It is a reliable source of fitness information for those who want to start their fitness journey from home.

One of the greatest advantages of YouTube HIIT workouts is how convenient they are. With just a few clicks, you can access a wealth of high-quality workout videos from renowned fitness experts. These videos provide clear instructions and demonstrations to guide you through the exercises. This makes it simpler for beginners to learn the correct form and technique.

Fancy giving Youtube workouts a go? Here are some great options:

Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners - Beginner Cardio & Toning Workout Routine

This beginner-friendly HIIT workout by Fitness Blender is perfect for individuals who want to ease into high-intensity training. This low-impact routine is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories without placing excessive stress on the joints. The workout consists of a series of dynamic exercises with modifications provided for various fitness levels.

15 Min Cardio HIIT Home Workout without Equipment for Fat Loss & Strength Training Exercises Routine

HASfit's 15-minute beginner HIIT workout is an excellent option for those short on time. This routine focuses on bodyweight exercises that engage multiple muscle groups while maintaining a beginner-friendly pace. The clear instructions and motivational coaching style provide guidance and encouragement throughout the workout.

30-Minute '90s-Inspired Hip-Hop Dance Cardio Workout

 If you prefer a more dance-oriented approach to fitness, POPSUGAR Fitness offers a beginner-friendly cardio dance workout. This 30-minute routine combines simple dance moves with energetic music, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. They break down the choreography step by step, ensuring that beginners can easily follow along and enjoy the rhythmic workout.


When it comes to at-home beginner workouts, Yoga and Pilates stand out as exceptional choices. Both practices offer a multitude of benefits, including improved flexibility, strength, balance, and mental well-being.

Yoga, a holistic practice originating from ancient traditions, focuses on integrating the mind, body, and breath. Beginner-friendly yoga flows often incorporate gentle movements, stretching, and postures that build core strength.

Many poses engage the abdominal muscles, leading to an effective ab workout. Certain yoga poses target the abs. Some examples are Boat Pose (Navasana) and Plank Pose (Phalakasana). This helps to tone and strengthen the core.

On the other hand, Pilates is a body conditioning practice that emphasizes core strength, stability, and alignment. It consists of controlled movements and specific breathing techniques.

Pilates exercises often incorporate movements that engage the deep muscles of the abdomen, providing an excellent ab workout. Pilates emphasizes the back muscles making it an ideal choice for at-home back workouts.

Both Yoga and Pilates can be easily practiced at home, requiring minimal equipment and space. By incorporating these practices into your at-home workout routine, you can enjoy the benefits of improved strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.


When it comes to at-home beginner workouts, bodyweight exercises are a superb choice. These exercises utilize the resistance of your own body to build strength, improve muscle tone, and enhance overall fitness. They offer several advantages, including convenience and the ability to target specific areas such as the biceps and lower chest.

One of the greatest benefits of bodyweight exercises is their convenience, you don't need a gym to do them. This makes them a good option for individuals looking to start their fitness journey at home.

Bodyweight exercises can be modified to suit various fitness levels. Beginners can start with simpler variations and gradually progress to more challenging movements as they gain strength and confidence.

For a bicep workout at home, exercises like push-ups, assisted chin-ups, and chair dips are highly effective. These exercises engage the biceps while also working multiple other muscle groups, providing a well-rounded workout.

For a lower chest workout at home , exercises like decline push-ups, chest dips, and diamond push-ups can be incorporated. These movements specifically target the lower pectoral muscles, helping to sculpt and strengthen that area. Bodyweight exercises provide an accessible and effective solution for beginners seeking to improve their strength and overall fitness.


Jump rope is an excellent option for beginners seeking effective cardio exercises that can be done at home. It offers benefits for improving cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Jumping rope increases your heart rate and engages multiple muscle groups. Exercising at a low-impact level puts less stress on your joints than activities like running. This makes it a great option for those who are just starting out.

Jump rope workouts can be easily customized to match your fitness level, allowing you to gradually increase intensity as you progress. Plus, it requires minimal equipment and space, making it convenient for home workouts.

Jump rope is a great addition to your workout routine. It increases endurance, burns calories, and adds fun and variety to your cardio exercises.